10:47 Games can not miss WorldCup 2018 season

Games can not miss WorldCup 2018 season

By Anonymous Updated: 09 Jul, 2018

In the summer of World Cup 2018, with Appoda Watch the top matches and participate in the WC games recreation to receive attractive prizes. is also the season for the fans in the midst of the interval with the high award. Typically, Appota recently revealed that it will launch a football game on the occasion of WordCup 2018. Apparently, the members of Appota Bank is a fan of the largest football tournament in the planet. This is so that the World Cup-related games have helped the fans entertain themselves in the midst of the break but can also have a gift worth up to 100 million.
The first game is a game ] "Path to the goal".
Players will participate in the virtual battle with the hand to kick the ball.
For every one hit on the golfers players will receive radom gifts from the BTC (such as money always, voucher for game loads, tickets to participate in game prophecy ...). And the faster individual or team scores, the greater the reward.

The publisher also has tips for players is to join the team, with teammates quickly reached the landmark. But for those who play "Terrible Terror" like to pick one up, playing a personal game is also an interesting choice.

You can download and register to play for free here: http: / Every day, every player will have 1 to 3 free spins, and can increase free spins by sharing the event, as well as getting more friends to join the game. Free games will also increase correspondingly.

In addition, Appota Wallet also launched game Prophet for fans to relish the anticipation for their favorite team. Each will be divided from the total amount of false predictions for all correct predictions.

For example: With 10k A correctly predicted Germany won. The total number of people who predicted Germany's win was 100k. Other predictable Gem is 10tr Gem, then A will receive: (10k / 100k) * 10tr = 1tr

In addition, each time correctly predicted players will earn points (5,000 = 1 point, 10,000 = 2 points). )
How to play:
A prophecy game is a special game and You need to have a ticket to participate in the "World Cup Voucher"
Step 1: Enter voucher code at "Enter promotion code" in the main screen
Step 2: Press right guess

Step 3: Predict the outcome of the match, the predicted is finished.
Still hesitant to not download and register to play free here: http://bit.ly / Subscribe to the Appartment fanpage for updates Information about the game the fastest WC season: http://bit.ly/2MuWLOC

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