10:47 How to improve the security of the iPhone with simple settings

How to improve the security of the iPhone with simple settings

By Anonymous Updated: 09 Jul, 2018

If you are using iPhone to store all your information, use the following best iPhone protection tips to help keep your device more secure from cyber-attacks. ]first. Update your iOS operating system frequently

 Regular operating system update.

Regular operating system update.
Attackers are always trying to find vulnerabilities in the operating system that can infiltrate your device. So you should update your operating system regularly to get timely patches, preventing bad guys from finding and exploiting vulnerabilities in older versions of the operating system. To update the operating system on iPhone, just go to Settings> General and select Software Update.

2. Activate Find My iPhone

Activate Find My iPhone.

Not only does it help the owner know the current position of the iPhone, Find My iPhone also helps you to erase all data on your device remotely if it is stolen by bad guys. To delete data on your iPhone remotely, sign in to iCloud.com with your iCloud account, then select Find My iPhone, select the device you want to view, and click Erase Phone to clear all data. As soon as the machine connected to the Internet.

3. Enable 2-layer security

 Enable 2-layer security.
Enable 2-layer security.
Today, the difficulty of the password is no longer able to prevent bad guys from accessing the account, so the user next to the password set high difficulty should also activate the double layer security for the account. iCloud. This means that each time you sign in to your iCloud account, you are required to enter a 6-digit confirmation code sent to your phone.

4. Use a higher length lock code

 Use a higher length lock code.
Use a higher length lock code.
By default, iPhone uses a four-digit lock code to lock the device, but users should switch to a 6-digit code to increase security. Theoretically, the 6-digit code will make bad guys take longer to find. To switch to a higher key code, go to Settings> Touch ID & Passcode and enter the current key> select Change Passcode> Passcode Option to see the 6-digit code option, select it and enter the passcode. 6 new number.

5. Apple also provides iPhone users with an option to enhance device security by automatically erasing all data contained in the device if they enter the wrong Passcode for 10 consecutive times. . This will prevent someone trying to detect the Passcode of the device to access your data. Enter your current Passcode> select Erase Data. on the iPhone when entering the wrong Passcode 10 times
Note that this feature can cause all data in your iPhone to be wiped clean if someone tries to enter the wrong Passcode 10 times. So you need to consider before using.

6. Turn off Siri

 Turn off Siri.
Turn off Siri.
Siri virtual assistant available on the iPhone will help you in finding information, but the bad side is that the bad guys can use Siri itself to know your personal information even without access to the machine. So you can disable Siri to enhance the security of your iPhone by going to Settings> Touch ID & Passcode> enter Passcode> disable Siri in the "Allow Access When Locked" section to prevent Siri from working in lock screen mode.

7. Deactivate AutoFill

To import account information faster and more conveniently, Apple offers the AutoFill feature via data stored on the Apple Keychain. The benefit of this feature is that it automatically enters all your credentials like your account, password or saved credit card with just a few clicks, saving you a lot of money.
 Turn off features AutoFill.
Turn off AutoFill.
But the downside is that when someone borrows your iPhone, they will be able to log in to some account, the site by the account information saved through the AutoFill feature without your permission. You should turn off the AutoFill feature to improve the security of your device by going to Settings> Safari> AutoFill and turning off all the options.

8. Use data encryption application

 Use data encryption application.
Use data encryption application.
There are now a number of applications that support automatic data encryption, meaning that all of the data you use in your application is encrypted and that no one can read them even if they have access to the database. The data of the application. This will make your information safer. Some applications now support data encryption such as Telegram, Snapchat WhatsApp, ...

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