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At present, the video format is spread on the Internet, if ignored it will make you look like a concealed ostrich in the sand. All the ads around the video format are really quite reasonable. So, if you have not implemented it yet for your marketing strategy then you are really missing something precious, let VIETADS explain it to you how youtube 2018 . 92% of mobile video viewers share videos with other people - RendrFx

  • YouTube reported a 100% increase in video access on mobile devices. Every year - Hubspot

  • Video on email increases 200-300% clickthrough rate - Hubspot

  • 55% of online video viewers per day - Digital Information World

  • By 2019, of global consumers will account for 80% of Internet traffic - SmallBizTrends

  •  how youtube seo

    Therefore, YouTube has full legal rights to be considered the largest search engine of the site only after Google. YouTube is a search engine, just that. However, even up to now there are many digital marketers misunderstand it when it claims that it is a social media site.

    In fact, video content should be optimized just like any other. any website. Also, by optimizing your YouTube video, you can dramatically increase your chances of appearing in natural search results on Google, because YouTube acts as one of Google's subsidiaries. . So let's start with a technical list that I personally consider to be a last resort for optimizing YouTube search.

    1. Keep in mind that YouTube is a search engine, it only fits in with the correct keyword research. That way, you get an idea of ​​what the target audience is interested in and how to address it online. Think about using Google Keyword Planner, which will give you keywords that are relevant to the topic and their competitive rates.

    The key to success: Guide Advanced SEO on Keyword Research.

    Surprisingly a lot of SEOer seems to underestimate the capabilities of Google Trends. This tool has a very "YouTube search" feature, which is hidden under "web search" option. This tool is most used and most effective when you have a list of keywords and need to compare them together to filter out the keywords that are most profitable.

    Now, let's continue. with the search for "video keywords" . These keywords are also the most valuable to you, because they can make your video appear in natural Google search results. In view of Vietads (has been using the highest version), Rank Tracker is a must have tool if you want to search for keywords. Here you can check the rankings of any keywords you want. Ultimately, this tool shows you results pages containing any videos. From there, you can find keywords that give your videos more exposure.

     Search Keyword seo youtube

    Another one that I recommend. Also used when researching keywords is the YouTube search suggestion feature . I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. It appears when you start typing a query and then, in the result list, you are suggested to choose from the most popular searches t. The good news is that you can now evaluate popular development without leaving the Rank Tracker.

    Just go to the "Keyword Research" dashboard, select "Autocomplete Tools", then select "YouTube Autocomplete." " Enter keywords like you do on YouTube. Then, this tool will give you the list of the most popular search queries.

     youtube seo guide

    I personally think this feature is extremely interesting. , because it really helps you understand what potential customers enter into when you search for products or services related to your business, and, importantly, how they call it.


    2. Video metadata

     video metadata

    As a rule, when we refer to metadata related to video that is to say all the information Text and images support it. Interestingly, the time of metadata is the primary factor determining the relevance of a video to a given search query. The Internet is getting smarter, now Google and YouTube are turning to "machine learning" to identify the audience. Basically, that means YouTube now recognizes the objects in the video and understands their content. From here we can come to the conclusion that metadata may not be as important as before.

    Google RankBrain: 6 new algorithm secrets have never been revealed. (2018)

    On the other hand, metadata is exactly what the user first sees when watching your video. So, your mission here is to make it so attractive, relevant, and more important that you can click .

    Remember 48 hours The first video is the most important . Therefore, for the goal of SEO YouTube do not publish a video before you optimize metadata . It will be extremely difficult to recover once the algorithm has flagged your video as invalid.

    So that's a scary thing, let's look at the questions and see how you can optimize. Part of the metadata to conquer YouTube.

    • Title for SEO youtube

    I suppose I hardly need to explain to you the importance of the YouTube video title or any title. other. A title should reflect the subject of the video and contain the keywords you want to rank. According to the research conducted by Backlinko, videos containing the exact keyword that fits in the title will be ranked better.

    And please do not forget to limit it to 60 characters ] to avoid being truncated in results pages. Try not to over-emphasize your title (no one likes it), do not make a mistake, and ignore the letters ALL-CAPS.

    • Description for Video

    YouTube allows 1000 characters long which does not necessarily mean that your character occupies that length. Firstly, only 2 or 3 lines of text will be displayed . So, place related keywords from the title near the beginning of the description . Second, YouTube is a place where people do not want to read, so do not force them to read too much. .

    I recommend you make the most of a few lines that users see first. first. Anyway, always show the "show more" option. Including links to your site and other social networks as well as inserting some relevant #hashtags are good practices.

    • Thumbnails

    Thumbnails are things that I want you to pay special attention to because it's exactly what will attract the viewer first. But while YouTube can do all the work you need and create a bunch of thumbnails, I still recommend creating your own thumbnails. Technically, the best practice is to upload an image, as follows:

    • 1280 × 720 pixels

    • 16: 9 aspect ratio

    • capacity <2 MB

    • .jpg format, .gif, .bmp, or .png

    Following these parameters will make your thumbnails look even better on the platforms in both large and small views.

    It's clear that a thumbnail should be engaging, engaging potential viewers, and reflect the topic of the video. I think I do not have to tell you that thumbnails are not appropriate, unprofessional, and not surprising, not what we're aiming at.

    Here's a good example of a thumbnail. . The search query for this video is "how to make a cake". First of all, photograph has a human figure - immediately makes the image become more attractive and "live" than the image Other small but only pie images. Moreover, the text occupies about 30% of the image, which is also very good, because it makes the picture more informative, but otherwise does not overload. In general, the image looks quite professional and full.

    • Tags Tags

    Tagging is probably the easiest part of optimizing metadata. Although YouTube does not limit the number of tags, try not to abuse them. Prioritize the appropriate cards, up to 10-12 cards will be a lot. Without the idea, use the autofill feature to find the tag.

    3. YouTube Analytics

     YouTube Analytics

    Trying to improve SEO on YouTube without knowing your customers is like cooking without water - is the impossible. In other words, YouTube Analytics is simply irreplaceable if you want to find out who your viewers are and what their viewing habits are. It provides you with a variety of useful metrics like: demographic, traffic source, CTR, unique viewers, ...

     youtube user analysis

    By Thoroughly analyze these statistics, you will know what you need to focus on and what will waste your time. What's more, I can not admit that by linking YouTube Analytics with Google Analytics, you'll open up even more sophisticated features. This is how it can be done .

    Useful Posts: The Causes of Data Loss in Analytics .

    4. In the harsh reality of SEO YouTube 2018 high quality content is no longer something wonderful anymore, it is the thing. apparent. Today, YouTube primarily aims to build a more serious long-term relationship with viewers than fast-paced romances. I mean, consistency here is very important. Not following the plan will immediately affect the number of subscribers and views, is negative.

    However, good news is that you do not necessarily sit in front of the computer glued to expression YouTube Processor to upload a video. Now you can make your videos automatically upload without having to touch the PC. This feature has existed for quite some time, however, for some reason, many people still refuse to use this feature. Taking a few simple steps will allow you to release regular videos which is exactly what YouTube wants from you.

    The only difference compared to conventional video downloads. is that you need to select the option "Scheduled" .

     youtube upload

    Then you just set the date and time, Data needed and click "Publish". If you have a series of videos on your channel one by one, just follow the same steps, select the time you want the video to be broadcasted and forget it.

    5. Optimize watch time

     Optimize watch time youtube

    Basically, watch time is the amount of time a viewer spends watching your video. Note that YouTube plans not to cancel or replace TVs, it only makes sense when longer videos are getting more and more priority. It allows YouTube to run more ads and attract more viewer attention. In addition to that, the study conducted by Backlinko that we love demonstrates that longer videos actually beat shorter videos.

    So the best thing you can do is create a video [19659018] attract viewers attention from start to finish, make them want to watch more of your content, subscribe to your channel, and make comments . No, you do not have to film the movie "Game of Thrones", just consider this:

    • Think of combining videos with similar themes in the playlist. This will make your videos appear when someone views only one video in the whole movie.

    • Do not make the mistake of putting too many contexts right at the beginning of the video. Capture the viewer's attention immediately and immediately capture the content of the question without the need for ineffective conversations.

    • Make sure to thoroughly check your "watch time." That way, you can spot a defect in your strategy and fix it in time.

    • Encourage viewers to watch your other videos by mentioning them directly in a video or in described below.

    6. Encouraging Interaction


    The first things to check when targeting a goal that encourages interaction is reporting on interaction. They are the best support to understand what customers like and what leads to unsubscribe and dislike from customers. When you recognize your channel's strengths and weaknesses and make edits, your videos will be loved and supported. And that is precisely what our ultimate goal is, because the interaction and registration of the customer is what YouTube SEO wants.

    As we are here talking about the promotion Interaction, the creation and insertion of an End Screen may be a good idea. By placing it at the end of the video, you can prompt viewers to subscribe or, for example, suggest watching another of your videos as in the example below:

     interactive in youtube seo

    Nothing can elicit a better conversation than a direct question, so take and ask questions . Consider asking for a customer's opinion about a topic at your liking or, on the other hand, encouraging them to ask you questions.

  • Do not forget to become a role model for yourself, Be active in the comments, and show your appreciation to the viewers. Of course, people will be willing to interact when they feel they have a community. So, show your customers that you are like them and talk to people.

    Another thing I want to suggest to you is to insert Cards into your video. friend. It's a great way to enhance video interoperability and promote your brand as well as other videos. I'm sure you've seen this little icon "i" in the upper right corner of the video. The problem is, after clicking on the icon, users can see up to 5 cards. They can be of 6 different types, such as:

    1. Promote videos or playlists

    2. Encourage viewers to poll

    3. Link to an approved site

    4. Promoting another channel

    5. Introducing a nonprofit

    6. Encouraging viewers to favor video content creation

     Adding a card icon  Adding a card icon [196590020] 19659076] 7. Promote through social media </b></span></h2><br/><p><img class=

    The Internet today is social. I know that the concept of video sharing on social networks is quite clear and quite convincing, but I can not ignore it. Cross-posting on YouTube is still the best strategy for achieving maximum visibility and traffic. In January of this year, Facebook announced that people watched about 100 million hours of video a day . So, logically, Facebook may be the best advertising platform for your videos.

    Above all, I would also like to propose monitoring and analytics for existence. of your social media. By setting a warning in Awario you can see how people interact with your videos on different social networks. Or you can go deeper, creating a warning to track how the videos of your competitors are being shared and promoted. This is a way to help you understand what type of content to create next.

    What makes win-win strategy affect the development of links and social networks.

    ] Additional Tips

    • Think of moving to HD. Many studies prove that HD video is more valuable.

    • Consider displaying and putting on a video on your blog post. That way, you can dramatically increase your chances of appearing in Google's natural results and getting links.

    8. Backlink (link pointing) is indispensable if you want to SEO youtube

    Currently, everyone knows Backlink is a form of votes from the channels, related website systems, or high trust will. Help google bot crawl faster and help us rank better on search results as well as afford to "bite suggestions on youtube". Owning a quality backlink for your YouTube channel or video will help you achieve better results when users search for information. If you can not do this, please refer to our backlinks service and our linkbuiding course our SEO training article. should read:

    • What is Bait Link? 10 examples of the effectiveness of link bait

    • 7 backlink techniques still in use in 2018

    Posts written for Optimizing YouTube today. Hope you like this article. Do not be afraid to share your YouTube SEO experience and ask questions in the comments section below. Keep track of Vietad's next articles in seo knowledge and sem .

    Share the article for the community read together remember to write the source https: . And the SEOer community is always with you.

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