Elements of Offpage SEO affect the rankings

By Cường Blogger Updated: 09 Jul, 2018
 SEO is an important job that every business needs to do well to get high rankings on search pages. SEO On page or Offpage are important, many people think that the success of search engine optimization efforts is good. <strong> SEO Offpage </strong>. Build high quality links to your site, which will help you gain high traffic and get top positions in search rankings. </p><br/><p> Similar to SEO Onpage, <strong> SEO Offpage </strong> involves a lot of factors that affect the rankings of the site, let's explore those factors to make your website better. </p><br/><h2><strong> Factors of SEO Offpage Affect Ranking </strong></h2><br/><h3><strong> Number of Inbound Links </strong></h3><br/><p> Actually Google always puts value on the number of links In a country where a website has the right set of rankings, the level of trust your website has is because you have built good inbound links, it's one of the basic SEO factors and it requires When ranking a site on search engines, it is not only based on page content, but also on links pointing to pages from external sites and the number of links. Link is pointing to. So, building up inbound links in good numbers is important to the ranking of your site. </p><br/><h3><strong> Quality of inbound links </strong></h3><br/><p> Number of links It is good, but the quality of that link is also very important. </p><br/><p> To get links from relatively obscure websites, it is not clear and quality that low website is easy. But if you get links from good, quality sites that are relevant to your site's niche, then it is preferable. </p><br/><p> The relevance of the affiliate sites must also be considered. , because if you link to sites that have nothing to do with your site, it will not help your site. </p><br/><h3><strong> Link building speed </strong></h3><br/><p> In addition to quantity and quality of the link, another factor <strong> SEO Offpage </strong> should be considered that is the speed with which you have built inbound links. </p><br/><p> The link building efforts bring about no results. can make the search engine suspicious of your site, affecting search rankings. </p><br/><p> If in one day you have too many links low quality t this seems unreasonable, may lead to the punishment for your website. Do not use automated tools to create thousands of links at once. Make natural links, build stable affiliate campaigns to achieve the desired results. </p><br/><h3><strong> The number of social networking shares </strong></h3><br/><p> <img class=

Underneath the posts you should have social buttons to share, so readers can easily share if the content of the article really. helpful and worthy. For the wordpress web, you can use Plugin support or self-installing code.

Local SEO (By region)

 Local SEO Local

Google is very cautious when the site is introduced.

Local SEO is the process of optimizing your site, for searches related to your region, city, or country. In local search results, local top-level vendors will receive higher CTRs (clickthrough rates) and traffic.

Actually you can now see How does position affect most search results of the day, from search on computer or mobile phone?


Quote is the inbound link to the b If you want to enhance your backlink profile and make it easier for people to find you, then you will want to increase your profile. Send your site to as many high-quality directories as possible.

Anchor text

Anchor text is a text that contains links to an article, a page on that website, or to another website.

Anchor text enables the search engine to follow links to the website and to crawl the content and links on that site, anchor text that navigates the search engine and the person. use. Google Penguin algorithms appreciate quality backlinks through anchor text as it determines which keywords show on the search engine. Anchor text is considered a vote for your website on the rankings of the search engines.

Age of the domain

One of the criteria for evaluating the website is probably the life of the domain name, It will be based on real life in the operation of the domain rather than the date of purchase domain name.

Domain longevity will bring many benefits for you because the domain has been active. Long and prestige, so can put your web on the high ranking on the search engine ranking.

Do not ever exchange your domain to get a new domain if the site You've got a certain age. In case of need to change the name, it is important to always use the 301 redirect from the old domain to the new domain.

Corporate Reviews

Positive reviews help businesses gain trust , confirmed the brand. The more positive the reviews you get, the better Google will receive that signal and bring it to the user, which means that your business is good enough to introduce to the user.

Do not be. Make fake or paid reviews to receive good reviews as sooner or later it will be discovered and the consequences will be extremely bad.

There are a lot of factors SEO Offpage affect website rankings, the factors above are just the basic elements that make the foundation for SEO Offpage good. Make good use of the elements in this SEO Offpage to apply to your website; you will enhance your online presence and awareness of your brand and improve your rankings. list of search results.

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