Identify and fix penalties from Google

By Cường Blogger Updated: 09 Jul, 2018

On a beautiful day the moon winds cool you search keyword where you are in the rankings, the keyword keyword disappear no clue. The first thing you probably do at the moment is to try to find out why the keyword disappears, and with that the sentences are gone. If you are a senior in the SEO village, it is easy to debug these errors when the update algorithm. But with a newbie stepping into SEO will lose sleep, and panic in the keyword disappears. Of course, it is not easy to restore it. If you do not know how to operate each algorithm as well as how to fix it, this is the article you should read. In this article we will give you the clues to overcome the missing keyword as well as the most effective way.

Google Sanbox algorithm

Google's early years Google is quite easy In ranking articles. Meanwhile with poor content sites but with spam a huge backlink is high. Google Sanbox algorithm was born in May 2004, aiming to purge spammed Web sites as well. Black Hat SEO employs a variety of chart-topping techniques. And this algorithm was updated to Google Sanbox 2.0 in May 2016.


-The website is under the age of 3 months, but there are The content is too large as well as the backlink counts so much.

- This algorithm aims to purge the site grow so fast suspected to be mutant development.

Signs: - There are keywords found but also some keywords are not found, usually some rather than the whole.

-Learn some pages


Google Sanbox is just a time management tool, so the solution is not difficult.

Advice in this situation we should not do anything. The penalty is 1-3 months. During the penalty, try onpage scientifically, write the content to attract users to pull the traffic, using the master tools to disallow the bad backlink to the website.

Penguin Algorithm : [GooglePenguin"width="2339"height="1575"/>
Google Penguin is a Google algorithm update against websites with spam backlink behaviors, keyword stuffing, backlink dirty, irrelevant backlink ...

The algorithm was released on April 24, 2012 with the first version being Google Penguin 1.0 and then followed by other updates. The final update is version 4.0, released on September 23, 2016.


-Downloads sites with too many backlinks on a subpage

-Strag Punished the site with spam backlink not related to the content that the website brings.

-Draw of pages with dirty links like sex link ...

-Have too many backlink in a short time. Low backlink website from the spam site, content is not relevant.

-Put backlink hidden also to the island.

-Rotate anchor text dense.

] Signs:

-The keyword does not change rankings though SEO is very good. Normally the keyword only stops at the top of page 2 and page 3


-Improve good,

-Disallow backlinks with content not related to the theme that the website is targeting, and Disallow the backlink dirty from porn sites.

-Difficult Anchor text and not stuffing. Too many posts. It is better to place the anchor text associated with the article.

-Developed backlink diversity.

Google Panda algorithm

 Google Panda </figcaption></figure><br/><p> Google Panda version 1.0 released on February 24, 2011. The newly created instant kill Web site has thin content, too much copy content. Google Panda update has been updated many times over on July 17, 2011. </p><br/><p> <strong> Purpose: </strong> </p><br/><p> -About sites with duplicate content, coppy content. Copyright </p><br/><p> -This algorithm also punishes content with garbage content, keywords do not match the content. </p><br/><p> -Low discount sites contain poor content. </p><br/><p> - High keyword density. </p><br/><p> -The content of the title tags, meta description is different from the content that the website provides. </p><br/><p> -At the same time factors to evaluate the website such as: </p><br/><p> + Billion </p><br/><p> + Low return rate </p><br/><p> <strong> </strong> + Low Orangic Sreach rate </p><br/><p> + Low time to stay in the site </p><br/><p> <strong> Signs: <span style=

- Lost rankings

-Received good content for the reader to come back and increase the time to stay.

-Submit your content on the webmaster tool to inform you about the content of this site. New content with Google.

-Advertisement to the variety of traffic.

-Products must be natural and the keyword is also diverse.

- Regular updates of new content.

Penalty algorithm :

There is no specific statistics for this algorithm. This time series algorithm was born with the disappearance of a series of websites using Black Hat Seo on Google's database.


-search site: tendomain


- Perhaps this is the heaviest penalty from Google.

The best way to fix it. is to create a subdomain that transfers content to the new page. Because if you restore the SEO strategy then it will be very difficult to succeed because you have caught the "seal" of Google.

Through the signs as well as how to overcome the penalty from Google. We hope this information will help in your SEO process.

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