Types of Internal Link

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The most effective internal link diagram is still a solution that needs answers from experts. Having this chart for this person is top of the page, and the other person uses the keyword disappearing in a hopeless way back. I'm not talking about SEO specialists, because these internal link schemes are already deep in their blood. The object that I aim for is the new SEOer flinched into the profession, small business owners do not want to spend the cost of hiring a SEO or personal page SEO ... Whatever you are, hope this article will help. Push the process to the top of your keywords.

What is Internal Link and what is the use of Internal Link

Maybe you are too familiar with it. Internal Link is also known as internal link. Cloaking is the form of placing links between web pages on a website together. Use anchor text to link to pages that need to be linked or homepages for indexes, which are also called internal links.

These internal links will direct the Google crawler to the crawler. Get the information of the page in the website to collect data for the search engine. Without these internal links, the Google bugs only see sites pointed from outside links. And without an internal link, the search bubble will not index the pages of your website. That is, of course, if you do not index your keywords forever, they will never appear on Google's rankings.

If you build an intriguing internal link and the structure is tight, then the google robot on it will. Tell the robot what is the most important content and what should not be read on your website.

Through sharing will help you understand somehow the importance of Internal Link in your SEO campaign. .

The Internal Link Model


This model is called the pyramid because it is identical to the structure. a pyramid. This internal link structure will work if you want to push the power of the page you need SEO. Of course, only one page you need SEO strength. And the other pages will almost have very little power, the keywords of those pages will also be difficult to speed up. But this makes Google's robot find the most important page and Google will appreciate that page more than the rest.

internal link pyramid

This model is suitable for the website needs. SEO keywords are important and hard up. At that time the power is concentrated, the keyword will rise very fast. The only weakness is that the rest of the keywords up for a long time, if not black will not always up.

However, if the pyramid model into a system of 3 floors, 4 floors .. the main page "Buff" a lot. It requires a lot of human resources as well as resources to build this system.

In addition, if the problem is a failure, the troubleshooting is not too difficult, because the path of the Internal link This pyramid version is not as complicated as other systems.

In our experience, the money age is low, the floor closest to the money site you should do with the system BlogSport. Because the BlogSports enjoy a lot of power as well as its DR from the main site. The strengths of PBN or other sites should shoot at this floor so it's very beneficial and avoid being fined.


Now this is the wheel model. It looks like a wheel right? This structure applies to the website you want on all the keywords that are present in the site. The power from the Backlink will be broken into streams of power flowing on the child page. All child pages get almost the same power and the main page will be slightly smaller than the child page. So the keywords of the child pages will slowly rise.

There are quite a funny idea of ​​an SEOer that when using the model we will always keep the bug on his site because it has no way out (haha). Of course google will not appreciate because robots will not find your page's important page.

 Internal Link Wheel
Internal Link Wheel

However, the plus points in this diagram are all The keywords in the website will be the power that gets to the top. In return, the webpage that you need SEO is difficult and highly competitive with little boom power as this will take a long time to top. This schema will look very simple but complicated and its trouble is extremely large.

One of the troubles of this model is that assuming 1 post in your entire system is deleted go. If you do not know exactly which links point to this article, the internal links from other sites point to a 404 error. The broken link causes Google to underestimate your system by redirecting people.

To make good use of this system, you must look out the path of the Internal link in quite detail. Because of this, you know where the link is located on the page, and redirect it to the effect.

However, other SEOer very few people use this model because it is difficult to not bring effective. for them.

This resonator is based on two interlinked wheel and pyramid models. Because of both, it inherits the advantages of both. This model is very easy to deploy, and it is also quite effective.

The downstairs power still has the keyword to the rank, however it still puts all the power to pyramid to main site in a way. the fastest. Look at the model you will understand

Model resonance

These are the basic models that SEOs have used to apply the internal link structure of their site. Hope this article helps the process of topping up your keyword

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