What is Google Panda Math?

By cuongbv.com Updated: 09 Jul, 2018

Google Panda is Google's SEO algorithm. Google Panda will remove spam, copy content, remove the site has a poor brand ... This is an important filter to improve the new search results Google

Google Panda changes compared to Since the Internet boom and especially the unexpected development of open source systems (such as Joomla, wordpress ...), you do not need to know the code can be. create website. Now you can copy news from different sources paste on your website. This leads to the explosion of websites, with different purposes such as creating a website for selling ads, creating a website for trafic queries, creating satellite websites ... People who are less interested in users will feel like when visited on their website. People are more interested in how to make your website rank higher on Google.

Along with the development of automation, the copy and paste work as before replaced by automated tools: Automatically post articles, find related posts, insert link automatically ..., this has distracted the information, created countless websites junk duplicate content, keyword density is not relevant, unrelated . But why before Google Panda was born, these junk sites still rank higher than the original content pages.

Because Google's ranking system previously ranked based on the number of posts, Based on the density of keywords, based on the number of links ... The spam site overwhelm the Google rankings make users feel the information is too confused when finding too many pages are not useful and exit soon after.

Google realized it was time for them to change, Google changed the criteria for evaluating the quality of a website, enhanced the filter, moved the evaluation criteria: Moving from quantity to quality.

] Google Panda was born as a cyclical change to serve its users more effectively, providing reputable websites

Google Panda Mathematical Secrets:

Google Panda Algorithm is just a machine language and works based on pre-set settings of Google Panda. Manually created, so if you say right then you can still know some of its rules in working methods to find the solution to optimize your website best

1. Click Through Rates is always important

Because Click Through Rates (CTR) means that many people choose links to your website in a variety of other websites. Google search results. And so Google will understand the content of your site attracted to how many people click on so much.

You should add important keywords to the title in a logical way, along with a few lines. Meta descriptions are more detailed but equally attractive. From there, the visitors will know the main motive for them to visit your website.

2. Domains are ranked based on the pages of the website

One of the reasons many websites were downgraded in Google Panda 's updates was to over - emphasize backlink creation. To the home page that bypasses the backlink building leads to posts or pages within the website. This means that if your website has 20 pages of content, in which you have 3, 4 pages of quality content, the remaining are poor quality garbage information, then the poor quality page will pull things. Rank your site down.

So from this factor, we draw an experience that should enhance the SEO for each page content of the website, insert the internal backlink in the article and importantly There are many quality backlinks pointing to that page.

3. Interaction in the website is extremely important  interactively in the website

The website ranked higher after Google Panda updated as the website is human use multiple interactions on it. In other words, those sites are not just many visitors but they also interact on the site, such as clicking links, filling out e-mails, watching videos, or doing other things. Positive to search rankings after Google Panda was updated. So, it can be understood that if your website is doing something that visitors spend more time visiting and they click on many links in the website to increase the pageview (Bounce Rates will decrease. ) Google has no reason to underestimate your rank.

4. Exact Match Domain (EMD) is not always important

 EMD google

We all know that when we own a domain full of keywords related to website content (EMD), you will be pretty high rank on that keyword. For example, if you have a site that talks about SEO tips domain jpwebseo.com, it is sure to grasp the opportunity "double-win" with that keyword. That's one of the reasons why popular keyword domains are screaming for a few tens or hundreds of millions. The advantage of having a domain name related to this is that many, but most importantly, is receiving a lot of visitors even though the site has little content.

5. Content is king " width="600" height="306" />

An extremely popular sentence of people doing SEO. You should understand that content is always the most important. But what should you do to turn your content into a "king"?

Actually, an article length of 500 to 700 words is a very good article so SEO is a popular concept, It's so popular that it becomes a template for a writing theory to get high rankings on the search engines. Actually, a 3,000 word article with useful information, professional article format and interesting information is a more reasonable choice. Simple to leave your site for longer.

6. Google Panda updates website rankings once every 30 days

At the time of this post, the Google Panda algorithm was extremely complex and sophisticated, so complex it was only The ranking of websites every 30 days. Or, in a nutshell, if after reading this article and you make some relevant changes, and then tomorrow you are crawling your data and indexing, you will see up to 30 days later. The exact result of the change (increase or decrease rank). Return Visitor is Google's attention and appreciation

 return visitor

Return Visitor is always appreciated by search engines. This is a long-standing principle, but since Google Panda has been updated, it's even more important. Google algorithms keep track of the visits to your website and then they know which websites have more return visitors, so Google will understand that your website has a lot of visitors. The credibility and quality and great to make frequent people visit the site every day, meaning that they like it and Google is very welcome.

There are many Webmasters always think that. Their goal is to make as many Unique Visitors, which means that many different people visit the site. Of course, this is also very important, but if they only visit the site once without coming back for the second time, everyone (including Google bots) will understand that your content is nothing special, and Google's Panda will immediately detect content you have nothing that many people still visit but do not see back.

If your website has good content and is linked to the social network accounts When visitors visit your website, they will be more likely to like or follow social networking accounts to update the content of your site, which means they will have the opportunity to visit. Your website is more often than not.


Through this article has helped you learn SEO is somewhat hi u better algorithm Google Panda What is so you do not make the mistake is not worth having. The article just summarizes a lot of people are looking forward to your interest in contributing more. Thanks for watching.

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