Backup the Zalo message on the computer

By Anonymous Updated: 05 Oct, 2018

Nowadays many people use Zalo regularly to serve the job. And the use of Zalo on the phone does not meet the daily work needs and using Zalo PC is great solution. Zalo PC users can now back up and restore data, all messages in the account. You no longer worry about losing important messages or information stored on Zalo, whether you use Zalo Android or Zalo iPhone. Posts: "Backup Zalo message on the computer" of the following will guide you read details!

Manual backup, Zalo PC message recovery

Step 1:

To leave your Zalo account on your computer, select Sign out. When the dialog box asking for confirmation from Zalo shows up, there is a choice: "Delete chat history when signed out", then you do not select. Log out. If you do not want to sign out of your Zalo account, you can leave the account.


Step 2:

Computer users access directory paths C: Users Administrator AppData Local ZaloPC where "Administrator" is the name of the computer account being used. Click User to make a User account login.


Step 3:

If you do not see the AppData folder, you proceed to select the button View and select the option Hidden items. From Windows 7 and below, you select the button Tools then select Folder options... and select the checkbox Show hidden files, folder, and drivers.


The AppData folder is immediately displayed to the user.


Step 4:

In the ZaloPC folder, all ZaloPC data is displayed in different folders so you can easily manage it.


You proceed to access the digital signature directory, the data of the Zalo PC account is displayed.


To back up your data, right-click on the folder and select it Copy and proceed to save at the other directory partition.


To perform Zalo PC data recovery, simply copy the directory to the Zalo data directory on your computer.

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