Comparing the speed of iOS 12 beta 8 and iOS 12 beta 1: Faster but not significant!

By Updated: 05 Oct, 2018

It's been almost three months since Apple released its first beta of iOS 12. Since then, Apple has continued to release seven beta versions of the operating system. And before iOS 12 was officially released in August, it seems Apple has switched to a weekly beta release.
Speeds up iOS 12 beta 8 and iOS 12 beta 1

It is well known that speed tests performed on older iPhones running the first iOS 12 beta have shown significant improvements in performance. Now, after seven beta releases since then, will the performance of iOS 12 be improved on the iPhone and iPad?
In response to this question, the iAppleBytes Youtube account has just conducted speed tests between iOS 12 beta 8 and iOS 12 beta 1. The device they chose to perform this speed comparison was the iPhone 6s are nearly 3 years old.

Results show that, on the iPhone 6s, the latest beta version of the iOS 12 startup nearly 9 seconds faster than the first beta. However, the speed of open applications between the two beta version almost no difference so that users will be difficult to recognize. However, in general, iOS 12 beta 8 users definitely feel smoother and faster than iOS 12 beta 1 and this is a good sign.

iOS 12 is still in beta and its performance may continue to improve until Apple releases the official version in September. Wait and watch it!
According to the: iPhonehacks

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