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By Updated: 28 Sep, 2018

In this article, TPTech will offer website design consultancy from many experts in SEO training, online sales and website design field for you. After reading the article you will be able to design quality web

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 Consulting design website When you want to design a website, you need to understand the following knowledge: </p><br/><p style= +) About the website, it is important to understand the quality of TPTech " width="530" height="400" />
The meaning of web standards of a quality website.

+) Domain name, what is hosting and how mean.

+) Quality product care service of single Web design

Consulting Effective website design effective efficiency:

1. First of all, it is important to understand the website:

+) We need to know what is website knowledge?

Website is going to be your company, your business online, help us brand, products, information activities, stores spread to internet users everywhere known

Website types such as popular Website introduction, promotion services, products; Website information, news, online sales website ... Depending on the needs of the field you need to choose the type of website suitable to be effective

+) Website interface is important factors to retain customers: For a website, a beautiful interface with eye-catching colors is very important, it decides to 80% decide whether customers should stay on your website or not.

So the interface of the website Must meet the following criteria:

  • Overview of the website should have aesthetics, color harmony

  • About the layout of the information on the web, need to sort the logical order, from the menu column to the Image of the article.

  • About the image, it should be clear critically related to the field of the site

>>> You can refer to Professional web design package [1] 9459004] Our web site standards must meet in order to be effective:

  • Web must standard SEO, mobile standard:

+ When SEO standard, then the campaign to top the keyword on Google will be easier.

+ SEO standards also help lightweight web code, fast download page, easy to navigate and user-friendly

+ As 90% of today's users use mobile devices to access the network, mobile standards are needed. This will help the web display on all the advanced technology equipment from smart phones, tablets to TVs, ...

  • Simple, easy to use for the administrator is not too laborious on website management

Not everyone is good at IT to be able to use the site with sophisticated code, so by drag & drop your website will be easier to manage. In addition, a website that incorporates appropriate utilities to assist administrators in the management, writing and posting will help to increase efficiency

  • Proper site design

Need to design The website is correct and suitable for the purpose or field you are doing business. Websites such as sales, news, e-commerce, etc. will have different configurations and interfaces, so you can not touch the interface of an ecommerce site. This will cause waste and k should be determined so design purposes

  • Website programming language

+) Web needs to set high security data ASP: +) Website should be optimized, easy to access and easy to use on the PHP language platform.

2. If you choose a domain name for your main website, then you should buy the domain name as your brand name, so it's good to play. Sustainable long-term, customers remember you longer. And should use the popular domain name prestige (such as: .com, .vn, ...) (Can refer to article hosting website is what)

Such as: Company of I work in the field of technology and website design, the company name is TPTech. Therefore, I took the domain name just simple, easy to remember people will know you better and again TOP TOP.

  • If you choose domain name to As a sub website (website satellites) to push SEO, coverage is stronger then you can choose the domain name according to the field you are participating in.

For example, our company is in the field of web design so we can Get the name: ...

  • About the hosting TPTech specializes in website design consultants recommend you choose a reputable service provider to prevent hackers from data loss. . As for hosting packages, we recommend that you use low and incremental packages as your web site grows, so it will save you valuable money.

Note: SEO value on the top. All domain names have the same seo effect on TOP. Only domain names short, concise and popular domain names, not only popular domain name: .xyz .shop ... the domain, google will not evaluate high

3. Quality of care services of the design unit

 High-end web design services of TPTech

Many people seem not interested in the quality of service of the design company. They only care about "price" as the main website, so is the wrong view. Because no one understands your website design as the designer is, so want to work well, they have to guarantee the Lifetime. TPTech will advise you on the right website design for you to have the following services:

  • Customer service after receiving the website

  • Lifetime warranty service with test mode Frequently Asked Questions

  • Bug fixing service when your website crashes

  • Upgrade your website quickly when your website has grown up. Follow the customer

After you have read the article Professional Website Design Consultant of TPTech Company you can refer more via the article on the web or contact us directly to is professional web design consultant enthusiasm through the phone number of MR.Range: 0948.099.165 offline!

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