Create artwork on PowerPoint

By Updated: 05 Oct, 2018

You want create an artwork on PowerPoint But Picture Tools is not enough? You want to insert images into frames and images are divided by the user frame created on the content. The following article of will guide you in detail.

How to create an artwork on PowerPoint

Step 1:

On the toolbar, select Insert tab then select the item Shapes. List of frames appears, you select the rectangle with rounded edges so that images in this frame will be more beautiful.


Step 2:

Take the picture into the page content, click on the image and then duplicate the same size by pressing the key combination Ctrl + D. (This replaces the entry into the Shapes and resets the shape as shown above.)


You change the frame size and size depending on the image you want to insert into the frame. You should calculate the size of the image to be able to draw the frame is true.


Step 3:

You have to combine the frames into a group. To select the entire frame, press the key combination Ctr + A. Then right-click and select the option Group To group these frames into one block.

Immediately, the frame surrounding the frames on the content is displayed.


Step 4:

You right click on the group and select frame Format Shape ... Below the select list.


In the new interface, you check Picture or texture fill and click File… to select the image to insert.


Step 5:

Immediately the image is inserted into the frame as shown below. The image size will be fixed automatically compared to the frame group size. To adjust the size of each frame, you click on the frame and proceed to normal adjustment.


Step 6:

You should adjust the frame at a small distance so that the viewer is more open and when inserting the wallpaper for the slide will create more points.


Step 7:

To remove borders from each frame, select the frame and press the tab Format. You choose Shape Outline and remove the border with a selection No outline.


You can adjust the spacing between frames or the size of each frame to fit the layout as well as the image size.


Step 8:

Once you have the artwork, you do the background insertion and enter the content for the silde.


Hope the article of helpful to readers in creating the artwork on PowerPoint quickly!

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