Error 404 Effect on SEO?

By Updated: 28 Sep, 2018
error 404

Error 404 has hurt your SEO?

Accessing 404 error pages when you are looking for something on the internet is the equivalent of sitting in a restaurant and not getting served by a waiter. Whatever web site your readers are trying to reach, they seem to have a question that needs to be answered. And your "page not found" error is causing the user to feel uncomfortable, and you must get a bad rating from the user and may mistakenly believe that you no longer provide the service or activity.

Users are not the only ones who encounter the 404 error. Googlebot and other search engine crawlers are also paying attention to them.

Error 404: They do not help your SEO

error 404

Search engines say they do not automatically count 404 errors as some discard. The algorithm does not simply put your site in search results just because some links directly to the 404 pages.

However, search engines appreciate websites that have a great user experience. If one of your pages, like "our service," shows a 404 error, it is certainly not good for the user experience, and Google will notify you this is not good and ask us to handle it. physical.

So 404 error has no direct impact on your SEO. Indirect - if 404 is creating a poor experience on your site - then 404 can ruin your SEO in the long run.

Most importantly, your website will get good results if you have the information to analyze the 404 errors and take the latest measures.

Prevents 404 error from link pointing back

Webmaster Tools from Google will send an image of where your site has a 404-point link. Then, you can take action to redirect your visitors to the right place.

  • First, make sure your onsite links have the correct URLs. For example, you might have an old blog post that has a misspelled link to the Contact Us page. That's a link that can be repaired easily.

  • Create redirects for common user errors. If the user enters evntstheo manually when they are about to enter "event", you can create a redirect so that anyone attempting to access that URL is redirected to the correct page instead of 404.

  • Contact other sites with 404 backlinks. Some types of links benefit you from linking to your site, but misspelling the URL causes you to be misunderstood. Instead of receiving visitors from them, those potential customers may be entering the 404 highway and turning heads quickly! Please send the site an email requesting to edit the URL or create a redirect page for that link.

If you have a few 404 error pages, or a 404 page that you do not know, try creating a better UX (user experience) by breaking the standard. Instead, ask your webmaster to create a better experience and exit the traditional "404 page not found" screen. Give your visitors a unique humorous or unique message for your company.

For example, " Yes, this is shameful, is not it !? Click here to return to our site. " Or, "We apologize for the inconvenience - let's fix it. Come back " "

Need to worry about 404 error that you can not fix?

You do not need to worry, your SEO results do not depend on getting rid of all 404 errors. If the 404 error does not create a bad UX, there is nothing to worry about.

By reducing the number of 404 errors can be relatively easy and help you maintain the amount of time visitors access your site, you should try to prevent them to enhance the value that you bring to the user.

Read 404 errors that Google statistics in their Search Console help. This will help you handle them faster.

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