Google SandBox And Related Matters

By Updated: 28 Sep, 2018

Google Sandbox is a term that is quite strange to those who have just started in SEO. However, the status of the website can fall into the sandbox google is very likely with the new website, or coppy content as today.

What is Google Sandbox?

google sandbox

Sandbox is an algorithm that Google created to limit the rise of new website rankings, aiming for a healthy search environment on Google, which aims to benefit users. This algorithm can limit the control of new websites that intentionally increase the rankings quickly by promoting backlinks, using dark SEO terms and techniques to increase website rankings.

Websites that fall into the sandbox will not be able to appear on the Google search rankings, though they will still be indexed. Often web sites managed by google are new sites, not new or unique, and there is a large amount of sudden traffic to the web.

Recognized Website Has Fallen Into Sandbox

  • Use other search engines Google.

This is one of the simplest and most convenient ways for new websites to rank in the top 10 of Google search engine rankings. Just check the current wedsite rankings on various search engines such as Yahoo Search, Bing Search, and compare Google results. Often, websites with sandboxes are websites that have a high position on other search engines.

  • Use Google Toolkit

We can check if the website is sandbox or not in the Webmaster tool.

First we need to visit the webmaster tool, and enter the site to test. Then in "Search Traffic," select "Manual Actions."

"Manual Action" is where Google notices the site's administrators the penalties and causes that the website must receive from Google. If there is no penalty in this section, but the site still loses index on the whole site, it is possible that your website has fallen into the Google Panda or Penguin algorithm.

  • Use other testing tools.

Nowadays, there are many online tools created to assist SEOers in evaluating which websites are penalized or curated from google. Vd on tools like: Google Sandbox and Penalty Checker Tool by

There are three levels to evaluate for all websites today:

Google sanbox prohibits index

  1. Deindexed- Index banned: This domain has been completely removed from Google.

  2. Penalized - Punished by Google algorithms: This domain or site still exists but will not appear on the leaderboard when a user searches. These penalties can be assigned automatically or added and manually applied by a Google engineer.

  3. Sandboxed- The website is placed on Google's restriction list, some pages on the site or all pages are reduced rankings or can not be found on the rankings. This is a slightly penalized penalty, the website will be restored to normal when quality violations on the site are removed completely.

How to Fix a Google Sandbox Website

  • Stop the black hat SEO tricks being done on website: Remove all hidden links, hidden link. Pay attention to backlinks by hand, care for each backlink and content thoroughly, this will take us a lot of time but in return your rank will be lifted slowly, and when Being in a high position in a certain way is difficult to lose class.

  • Internal link optimization: It is advisable to go for quality internal links, direct users, landing on relevant landing pages and really useful to the user.

  • Remove links from poor quality websites: Backlink is supposed to be the quality that should be pointing from websites that have the same field of activity as your main website, the content of the article must be truly relevant, The counter is real ...

  • Focus on content: Enhance more quality posts. A quality article that includes keywords and content must be user-oriented, not copied content that is available from other websites. Google today is strict and standards for the content of the website, so your content must be more unique, the more people are attracted to the site will quickly escape the Google sandbox.

  • Use of forms of advertising: Google as Adwords, Adsence should only do after the removal of bad backlinks.

  • Edit the site map: edit the site map and submit to Google Webmaster Tool.

Google is constantly updating algorithms, website testing tools, penalties aimed at directing more user-friendly websites, targeting the interests of users with search engines, more then the website. You have good rankings, as well as Google trust.

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