Guest Post And Approach Of High Authority Website

By Updated: 28 Sep, 2018

Here is an informative post about guest post ideas to reach the High Authority pages. Hopefully this section will be more useful for you if you are interested in appearing your website on the more explosive websites. I'm sure this will be useful for you.

Most of us would like to appear on more famous websites.

Imagine your website appearing on big blogs or famous newspapers. How will this help your business? The appearance on such websites will make your project grow much faster.

Guest post is one of the oldest methods still in use and effective until today and will continue to do so until the blog no longer exists, which can not easily happen in the future. short time.

Guest post is still active and will continue to operate. It just dies for you to use it just for SEO. But if you are doing it to get traffic and build relationships for long, guest post will bring you extremely good results.

The problem is that you will perform guest post only. Continue reading this post offline, I will show you how to do guest post.

Step 1: Determine the reason you use the guest post and where you will perform it.

Before you post, you need to think about the first place you make to ensure that you plan your strategy accordingly.

Guest post is a great strategy that has many benefits. But most of all, you will not exploit all the different benefits from the same post guest post, which is why you need to implement your plan depending on the specific benefits you hope. obtained from a particular post.

For example: If you want to find high traffic to your site, then you need to choose a blog with high comment and share to make sure you get high access as the guest post. Of course the blog you choose is a High Authority blog.

If you want to build credibility in your niche, then you are looking for great magazines and your logical post guest posts will help to skyrocket your credibility even if they are not related to your niche. friend.

One mistake is that you think the blogs of those who work in the major magazines will gain a lot of hits. You should think carefully about the reason you guest post, you will determine where you put guest post reasonable.

Step 2: Find the right blog for the guest post

First, send your ideas to the blog owners, if your ideas are good, they will accept it using your purpose as incorrect as what you put forward.

So what to do to get good ideas with those blogs. You just need to find out which topic is of interest to you, which is the way you get accepted on the blog and also get what you need from the blog.

Here's how you can better understand blogs:

  • Find your favorite blog posts with tools like Buzzsumo.

  • Read those posts and realize what works and what does not fit into that audience.

  • Read comments on your favorite posts. Find meaningful ideas, see what people are asking. These are hidden gems.

  • Read recent posts to find out what's being published on the blog right now.

  • Read comments on these posts.

Step 3: Promote your post

After you think of your idea, the next step is to do it.

The first thing to do is see the tutorial page if the blog has. Do a quick Google search if you're not sure.

Read the instructions carefully and do as they say.

If you are advertising a regular blog, you can email the owner directly. You can usually find their email by subscribing to their blog.

If you are advertising for a magazine, check the staff page and see if someone is responsible for the contributed content, otherwise email the staff responsible for the content. to your topic. For their email, in most cases you can easily use it using a tool like Attempt to promote ideas with them to be accepted.

You should also recommend 1 2 of your work on your own blog if you can, so that you can increase your trust to make it easier for you.

Step 4: Submit your post

Once accepted, write it well to ensure your posts will appear on those blogs.

  • Check for spelling and grammar errors before posting.

  • Try to use the same structure as the popular posts. See how they structure their intro and how they switch to solutions, etc.

  • Make internal links available in their blog and do not forget to link to your website.

This is what I have learned when doing guest post. Hope to help you in the SEO process.

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