10:47 How to Display More than 10 Search Results on Google Search

How to Display More than 10 Search Results on Google Search

By Anonymous Updated: 05 Oct, 2018
How to show more than 10 results on Google

What did Google do this morning?

This morning on 30/08/2018 Google has updated Google Chrome quietly without knowing it. Of course, every Google update is always optimized for speed and security, giving users the best and easiest way to surf the web. So Google Chrome deserves the best browser in the world at the moment.

However, in this update, in addition to the clutter something, I do not care because it is now enough for me, Google has hidden Lost feature shows more than 10 results in search settings. For normal users, this is not important, but for SEO people this is a serious loss, because then we can not use the old way, is to install Google Search display 100 links Coupled with the use of SEOquake to test keyword rankings for free.

Google has changed the look and feel of the search settings
Google has changed the look and feel of search settings

So far, with small keyword sets, we often use the free test tool. The default setting is: setting for Google search shows 100 results combined with the use of SEOquake. At this time, on the first and similar pages, Goolge will display query results, from the top 1 to the top 100, including the Google Map. Using 100 search results is to help determine rankings, keyword tracking rather than any SEO tricks.

This helps us save more time and less boredom when every traditional page shows only 10 results. For those who have tools to charge, checking the keyword rank is quite easy, and for the keyword set is not too large, the use in the traditional way is enough. Of course, 100 is just a round number, and you want as much as you like, such as 30, 50, or 120.

Now that Google has made us difficult, complaining is not going to help. For the brothers to buy tools are still "pitch foot", and for the basic SEO people are worried. So how to Turns on displaying more than 10 results in Google SearchTo The following is an extremely easy way that anyone can do, follow the same.

How to enable the display of more than 10 Google Search results

  • Step 1: Open Google Chrome and access the chrome: // settings / searchEngines path
Search settings
Search settings
  • Step 2: Click ADD next to Other search engines. This is important because Google does not allow users to modify the default Google or other search engine parameters, so we can only install new ones without editing the ones available.
Click ADD
Click ADD
  • Step 3: Fill in the form as shown. The number 100 in the image is the number of results that I want Google Search will display. You can replace 20, 30, 50 are all out.




This is very simple.
This is very simple
  • Step 4: Click Save again. Hit the menu button next to this entry and select Set as default. This ensures that when you search from the address bar, Chrome will always preserve your settings. And now it's easier. You can check your keyword rankings the way you normally do, in combination with SEOquake.
Click Make default
Click on Make default

Here are the results I just made.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BPjEYVvMagA]

Oh, that's it. I just directed you The setting for Google Search displays 100 search results, Very simple right? At first find out also sweat because they are just newcomers and do not know how to buy tools. But fortunately, by the way, finally. If there is a better way, easier to share with brothers offline. Goodbye and see you later in the article ...

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