How to evaluate the backlink quality

By Updated: 28 Sep, 2018

If you follow SEO news, you know that today's important thing is not so much to have many backlinks, but rather to have quality backlinks.

If the number of hyperlinks is easily measurable, the quality will be much more subjective and ultimately Google will evaluate. So how does Google evaluate quality backlinks. There are a number of specialized tools that allow us to measure the quality and quantity of links to your site, but no one is sure how Google's stuff works relative to just measuring.

Through MOZ

The Open Site Explorer tool from MOZ gives you a numeric value from 1 to 100 domain name (DA) metrics that are calculated by a number of factors, including the domain's incoming links.

The main advantage of DA is that this data is easy to use. At a glance, not even thinking, you get an overview of the quality of a website.

However, MOZ has a huge flaw: it is far the best tool for finding links pointing to a website. As a result, the data is calculated from a small sample of data

Majestic Analysis Tool

Majestic is another backlink tester that works similarly to MOZ. However, this time, tools often find more links to web pages. This gives him his appreciation for a domain on more data.

Majestic Trust TF (TF) is also much harder than MOZ DA. That way, I mean that if you create a large number of low quality backlinks for a website, MOZ DA will usually increase, while TF Majestic will usually break down. In this sense, Majestic is MOZ is more reliable in my opinion.

First, getting the MOZ DA is all free. On the other hand, Majestic is free during the trial period. Then you have to buy a monthly subscription that is not offered.

Secondly, keep in mind that these figures are nothing but comments on these tools

the volume of a domain. They may be wrong.

However, when the two numbers tell you that the domain name is of good quality, that is peace of mind

How to evaluate the backlink quality
How to evaluate the backlink quality

Other important factors to evaluate

  1. Anchor tags

With Majestic you can have at a glance an overview of the anchors used. Natural linking profiles must include a large number of URL links, branded and non-optimized (click here, view web pages, etc.).

  1. The site is indexed

Make sure your site is indexed in Google. Just do a site type search: If there are no results, it means that the site is not indexed.

  1. Will the site be penalized?

A simple way to see if a site is penalized is to do a Google search for the domain in question. If the first result is displayed by Google as the same page, then the site will not be penalized.

  1. Are the links on the site mentioned?

That goes without saying, but take the time to test it. The SEO Quake extension for Google Chrome will show you nofollow links.

The links to the site are spam (not the same topic), the amount of links pointing from the quality website ...

  1. Is the link in the relevant content?

It is always preferable that your link be found in content related to your topic. In general, you will want to avoid the footer links and sidebar.

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