How to hide iPhone lock screen content

By Updated: 28 Sep, 2018

The normal lock screen of the iPhone device will display the current date and time as the default. But many people want to display their favorite wallpaper on the lock screen without the days or numbers covered, the main solution is to use tweak SmoothLockX. Users using the iPhone X or iOS 11 devices can easily install this tweak. Once installed, everything on the lock screen is hidden and the only thing left is the wallpaper you have set up. How to hide screen lock iPhone contents Step 1:

On your iPhone, go to Cydia go to Search and do a search for SmoothLockX tweak . You install it on your device and press Restart Springboard to perform a reboot.

 Step 2: </strong></p><br/><p> You open up the Settings, select tweak SmoothLockX to continue. Users will see the configuration for tweak here. At <strong> Enable SmoothLockX </strong>you swipe the horizontal bar to the right to activate the tweak on your iPhone. Support for hiding information on the iPhone lock screen will be displayed to the user. You can do the following: </p><br/><ul><br/><li> Hide the date, clock on the lock screen. </li><br/><li> Transfer LockPad of iPhone X to the left of the lock screen. </li><br/><li> Hide the line Swipe up to unlock on the iPhone X. </li><br/><li> Hide the battery charge when charging the phone. </li><br/><li> Hide the flashlight quick access button on the iPhone X ((Flashlight Quick Actions Button).) </li><br/><li> Hide Home Bottom Bar </li><br/><li> Hide the iPhone Quick Access Camera X (Camera Quick Actions Button). </li><br/><li> Hide iPhone Camera LockPad on the X Passcode. You just need to flick right to the content you want to hide is able to enable the hidden content lock screen quickly. </p><br/><p style= how-to-iphone-i-show-iphone-2

You can see the kh The difference between the lock screen interface on the iPhone when using the tweak SmoothLockX as shown.


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Tweak SmoothLockX on iPhone helps the content displayed on the lock screen interface becomes more compact or hide all information if enabled features in the settings. tweak. Depending on your needs, you can choose to hide the content you do not want to display.

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