How to pin folders to Taskbar

By Updated: 28 Sep, 2018

Windows does not allow users to pin folders directly to the taskbar. But with tips that introduced in the article: "Guide pin folder to Taskbar" here you can completely accomplish this easily.

How to pin folders to the Taskbar

Step 1: Right-click anywhere on the desktop and select new and select Shortcut to continue.


Step 2: Select the button Browse for files or folders Then move to the folder you want to pin Taskbar and click OK.


Step 3: After completing the operation in step 2, immediately the path of the folder will appear in the frame Kiểu vị trí của mục:

You enter the word Explorer and space to the front of the path as shown.

The path of the directory is G: Backup Setup then proceed further Explorer and spaces to G: Backup Setup will become Explorer G: Backup Setup.

You select the button next to continue.


Step 4: At the frame Type name for this shortcut, enter a name for the shortcut folder you want to create and select finish.


Step 5: You will see on the Desktop a new folder shortcut as shown.


Step 6: Just hold down and drag the folder shortcut to the taskbar as you would normally for other applications.


Before you hold down and drag the folder shortcut to the taskbar, you can completely make changes to the folder shortcut icon by right clicking on the folder shortcut and selecting the option. Properties.


In the Shortcut tab, select the button Change Icon ...


You make a selection of the desired shortcut icon and confirm with the button OK. Select the button OK to continue.


The shortcut icon will immediately change to the one you have selected. Then hold down and drag the folder shortcut to the taskbar as usual.


You can unpin unwanted folder shortcuts on the taskbar by right-clicking the folder shortcut and selecting the option. Unpin from taskbar.


Good luck!!!

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