How to remove or remove software programs on your computer

By Updated: 28 Sep, 2018

If remove software The usual way is not to completely or in other words it will still save the data or registry on the computer and affect the computer performance as well as many cases you want to clean completely to reinstall. I do not know how to do this effectively through this article I want to share the way you can remove the software manually without the need for specialized software.

Remove software without the need for a third tool

The complete removal of the software will go through the following steps, you just follow is to completely remove the software from the Windows operating system

- Step 1

You will proceed to uninstall the software in the usual way

For Windows XPyou go Control Panel, double-click on "Add / Remove Programs", Then select the software you want to uninstall and click on Uninstall then next next ... to remove

For newer Windows (7, 8, 8.1)you too Control Panel > Programs and Features Then select the software you want to uninstall and remove them as usual

On Windows 10, you simply type in the keyword seach box remove Then click on Add or remove programs and then select the software you want to uninstall and click Uninstall to start removing

Uninstall software on Windows 10

After step 1 you go to step 2 below

- Step 2

You go to the C drive and navigate to the following folders to further delete the leftover program

C: Program Files
C: Program Files (x86)
C: ProgramData
C: Users username_may_tinh AppData Local
C: Users username_may_tinh AppData LocalLow
C: Users username_may_tinh AppData Roaming
C: Users username_may_tinh AppData Temp

By default, the AppData folder is hidden so you will not see it so you need to show the hidden files by following

Show hidden folders in Windows

Open any folder -> select View -> Options -> Change Folder or search options -> View -> Show hidden files, folders or drives -> Apply -> Ok

Now you go to the directory that you mentioned above then find out if any folder with the same name as the program you just deleted will delete it.

If you encounter the message and not remove the software may be running the software, you open the Task Manager and turn them off is to delete it.

- Step 3: Delete the Windows Registry

You press the key combination Windows + R then enter regedit Or search directly by search box regedit to enter Registry Editor

Registry Editor

Next you follow the following path to find out if the registry is left or not


If Windows 64bit you need to find more


You just need to follow the path as above and find out which folder is the same as the software you just deleted the wipe

Wipe regedit software on Windows

For example, you need to clean up the Foxit Sofware software

Step 3 you should backup regedit again by Export Registry in case something goes wrong you import

Export the registry on Windows

TIP - You can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + F and type the name of the software you just unzipped then press Find to quickly search the software name

Search for software keys on Windows

Search for software keys on Windows

Okay! Only with a few steps will you remove it completely software from your computer then, hope the article will help for many people. If you have difficulty in any steps can comment or inbox yourself through facebook to get teamviewer help.

Good luck!