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By Updated: 28 Sep, 2018

In the previous article "Useful shortcuts on Android", has sent you 5 shortcuts to help you work faster and more efficiently on your Android phone. Here are some other useful shortcuts.

6. Search for apps quickly

If you have many apps installed on your Android device then surely the quick search is what you expect. You can quickly open apps with Google Now. But not always voice command.

At that time, the top solution is to use Google Search to quickly find the application is installed on the Android phone.

Also, you can use Google Now Launcher and search for apps on the Search App Drawer.

7. Switch between applications quickly

On the Android Nougat operating system, you can perform fast application conversions by pressing the Recents button (open application recently) / Multitasking (multitasking screen) 2 times.


8. Replying to the message center

On the Android Nougat operating system version, users can reply to messages from other applications or SMS and email right in the notification center. With the lower version of Android OS, you need to install a third party application, quickReply, to use this feature.

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9. Use Gesture (gesture)

You can use gestures to open specific apps instead of normal ones. Apps like Apex Launcher and Nova Launcher provide gesture options and to perform different actions, you can activate these options.

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10. Screen Capture

Users often press and hold the and buttons simultaneously to decrease the volume to take a screenshot of the device. You can also use Google Now on Tap to take a screenshot by holding down the Home button and at the bottom left corner, select the Share button icon to proceed. Download screenshots to the image.


11. Unlock your Android device quickly

Normally, you'll need some new operations to unlock your Android device. To unlock the Android phone quickly, unlocking with fingerprints is the best solution for Android devices that support fingerprint sensors.

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For Android devices that do not support fingerprint unlocking, you can use the Smart Lock feature to quickly unlock your device. To enable the feature, go to Settings go to Security (security) and lock device options (PIN code, password). or pattern).

Hope posts by provide you to read some useful shortcuts on the Android phone!

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