iOS 12: Auto-fill passwords for third-party applications

By Anonymous Updated: 05 Oct, 2018

iOS 12 allows users to manage 3rd party passwords with the same functionality as iCloud Keychain. You can see how to use them in the article.
iOS 12

iCloud Keychain is great when you only use Apple devices and need basic password management tools. However, if you are a user of 1Password or LastPass, you will regret that they do not have real system level support.
Fortunately, iOS 12 fixes this by giving the third-party password manager iCloud Keychain rights, meaning that these applications will be treated as the original iCloud Keychain replica.
Note: Your password manager will need to be updated for iOS 12. Your device will also need to run iOS 12 or later. Apple does not accept applications that use the iOS 12 SDK until iOS 12 is officially available.
iOS 12

  • Make sure your password manager has been updated for iOS 12 and AutoFill Passwords feature is enabled.

  • To enable it, go to Settings> Passwords & Accounts> AutoFill Passwords.

  • Be sure to enable the AutoFill Passwords feature. The list of applications that automatically fill in the third-party password will now appear with iCloud Keychain.

  • Click the app to turn on auto-fill of the password for that app. Note: You can use more than one password autoresponder at any time, including the iCloud Keychain.

And that's all you can do to automatically pass passwords to 3rd party applications on iOS 12.
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