Manages tabbed files on Windows 10

By Updated: 28 Sep, 2018

Windows 10 with some versions has been able to support users using the Sets feature, which brings together applications in the same window with different tabs. And the suggestion for you to experience this feature is to use the My Computer app. The Windows 10 My Computer application lets you manage tabbed files on your computer, which brings together tabs into the same window for quicker and easier management. The following is a tutorial on how to manage tabbed files on Windows 10 of

How to manage tabbed files on Windows 10

Step 1:

You access the path below to download the My Computer application to your computer and perform the installation.


Step 2:

You open the installed application will see the system directory, disk partition is too familiar on the File Explorer.

At the top is the address bar with navigation buttons, return button and reload interface. On the left is the search framework, right below the apps and fast-access sites. When you click on these sites, they will be opened by the default browser that you have set up on your system.


Step 3:

To open a new tab, click on the folder or partition on the interface and open tabs.


You can also pin any folder location with the pin location feature on the app. You open the folder you want to highlight and in the address bar, click the icon star. The folder is immediately displayed on the My Computer interface. To unpin a folder, just hit the star icon again.


Step 4:

You can also expand the space on My Computer and hide the hard drive partitions by selecting the aliasing icon and proceeding to turn off the option. Broad FileSystem Access.


Hopefully with 4 simple steps sent by to readers, managing tab files on Windows 10 becomes easier!

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