Some tips to speed up your iPhone

By Updated: 28 Sep, 2018

Usually, after a period of use, your iPhone will be reduced in performance, processing speed becomes significantly slower. today will guide you read Some tips to speed up your iPhone Simple, fast.

1. Push notification


Too much push notifications are one of the causes of jitter, lag for the iPhone. You can quickly get news from your favorite apps and social sites thanks to these helpful push notifications.

However, machine performance will be significantly affected when all applications are enabled for push notifications. So, you should only be notified of important, frequently used, and disabled applications on non-critical applications by logging in. Settings to choose Notifications and establish.

2. Update to the latest version of iOS


Upgrading to the latest version of iOS will probably help to best support the features and performance of the iPhone. The latest version of iOS will definitely be optimized for speed to experience the best features.

To check and update the latest iOS possible for iPhone, you visit the turn Settings >> General >> Software Update.

3. Monitor and control device memory capacity


The more data on the device, the slower the processing speed. Memory overload due to storage of applications, messages, photos, videos in the device makes the iPhone device slow down significantly, especially with the 16GB ROM version.

You can clear the memory by executing the access counter Settings >> General >> iPhone Storage.

4. Clear your web browser history


Another useful way to improve your iPhone speed is to clear your web browser history. Cookies store a portion of the data of visited web pages on your device. You can proceed to clear the history and cookies in Safari by doing a visit Settings >> Safari >> Clear History and Website Data.

5. Disable the App App Refresh feature


Disabling the App App Refresh feature saves you battery power and improves the speed of your computer. The App App Refresh feature on iOS can refresh automatically, update the application running underground. If you do not really need it, it is advisable not to overuse this feature by updating all applications, including less-used applications that fill the memory and slow down the computer. You visit in turn Settings >> General >> Background App Refresh to disable App App Refresh.

Hope the article of useful to you readers!

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