Start new week with 5 free and premium iOS games (13/8)

By Updated: 05 Oct, 2018

Five titles for iPhone and iPad are covered in a variety of genres for you to experience from the goalkeepers, from humor to the brain puzzle. In particular, they all allow free download.

1. Ball Rider

Ball Rider

Jump or switch? Think fast to survive until the end of the game! Avoid various obstacles, but if the ball hits the obstacle, it will explode BOOOOM.
Download Ball Rider here Supports iOS 7.0 or later Capacity 137 MB.

2. Idle Fisher

Idle Fisher

This fish farm game is idle but quite addictive. Your task in the game is to make good fish to increase income, then enough funds to upgrade the equipment for the farm.

Download Idle Fisher here Supports iOS 7.0 or later Size 62.9 MB.



Memopoly is a brain-teasing puzzle game. You need to click on the color of the 3D object on the right and focus on the position of the color in the form on the left. You will need focus and memory to recognize the right place for each color. Then you have to touch each color accordingly and quickly.
Download Memopoly here Supports iOS 8.0 or later Size 115.7 MB.

4. Zombie Beach Party

Zombie Beach Party

In this game you have to enact all the people on the beach as zombies as fast as possible. Remember to collect more items and dodge obstacles, police, army.
Download Zombie Beach Party here Supports iOS 10.0 and above Available in 180.9 MB.

5. ZombiED - 3D Defense

This is the title of the Zombie player. Use items around to make weapons protect yourself and against the zombies. With more than 13 types of constructions, simple imagery like soldiers or terrorists rather than tanks, helicopters, etc.

Download ZombiED - 3D Defense here Supports iOS 8.0 or later Capacity of 154 MB.

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