10:47 Tips to use Photos app on iPhone, iPad for better photos, more fun

Tips to use Photos app on iPhone, iPad for better photos, more fun

By Anonymous Updated: 05 Oct, 2018

Photos are one of the most commonly used apps on the iPhone and iPad : D This app also has many other fun, please see through this article to know how to exploit it offline. Please share your tips and tricks that you have not mentioned by commenting on posts.Do not worry about closing eyes, vibration, loss of frame

Live Photos from iPhone 6s will take a series of photos before you actually press the shutter button, so you can "reverse the time" to find the best moments in a series of images recorded by the machine. . So when you see someone else's eyes closed, do not worry too much, you can get back to the moment before the eyes closed. Or in situations where photos are blurred due to the movement of people, you can also "rewind" to find a beautiful picture.

To use this feature, when taking pictures you remember to turn on the Live Photos mode (offline, always turn it off, when necessary to use it, but forget it). When you need to re-select the best photo, click the Edit> find the best moment> click the Set as main photo. It is done.

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Select the shape by dragging the finger

Previously, when we need to select a series, we often have to click Select and then click each one is very busy. Let's say you need to pick up a dozen sheets that are already tired. Instead, iOS has a better way for you:

  1. Click the Select button

  2. Use your fingers to select a picture as normal, but after picking do not lift your finger

  3. Keep dragging your fingers down the rest of the photos on the side and you will see miracles happen

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Delete all screenshots

Most screenshots only use 1-2 times, but we are lazy (so too) so they will accumulate more memory and unnecessary memory, as well as garbage gallery of friend. You can delete all screenshots by doing the following:

  1. Go to the Photos app> Album tab

  2. Scroll down to the bottom, there will be a "Screenshots"

  3. Click the Select button, you can choose to delete only the images you want to delete or "Select all" to delete once.

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Manually compile images, videos into albums

Once upon a time we usually have to sit back and make photos and create albums, but now in 2018 with AI everywhere so the machine can do it for you. Click on the "For you" tab, and you'll see some albums available for Group Photos by events, trips, even the city you travel to.
Once you have entered an album, you will be able to see all the related photos without going through the manual. Also, if you find this is a cool thing and need to save it, click on the circle icon in the upper right corner of the screen> Add to Memory. It will be saved for later viewing and not lost.

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Also in this circle you have a choice of "Play movie", this is great. Photos will automatically compile your photos into a beautiful slideshow video, including background music, full-effect visual effects, almost just the type of happy music, happy, gentle ... can be used. be right This is my favorite feature because it allows me to capture the journey in a short, lively video that is easy to share with others and is not as boring as a still image. The duplicate photos will not be captured so the video is very neat.
Hide images

For some reason, there are some photos that you want others to see easily, you can select them, click the Share button> Hide (this button is located at the bottom of the screen). This image is hidden, you do not need a password or something to open it so it is not something to hide sensitive photos. : D Its use case is usually bad image does not want to appear, sad but not broken image should hide.
If you need to review these photos: go to the Albums tab> scroll down> Hidden.

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Intelligent search, identifying what's in the picture

From iOS 11 onwards Photos can automatically categorize images and objects contained in photos to allow you to search faster. You can try to find the word "sea" will see Photos show only the sea only, or the word "aircraft", only the whole picture for the aircraft you see. This is a neat and good search that you need to remember in order to get it right away.
You can also browse through a number of photo categories that are automatically categorized by Photos, such as airplanes, aircraft hangars, and helicopters, rather than airplanes.
Pull up to see more fun

While viewing any image, you can swipe from the bottom up, to see a new set of options appear. For example, with photos that have Live Photos enabled, you can give them a very pleasant repetitive effect, or turn on long exposure mode to make the image brighter or create impressive shots when shooting streams. waterfall
The faces of the photographers also appear here, you can find more photos related to that person, and you will see the location was photographed always, for travel in the long trip and want to change the plate. that picture taken at any corner.

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