Ways to Increase Website Traffic

By cuongbv.com Updated: 28 Sep, 2018

A good website like a business always has a 24/7 employee as the company representative. Always provide information, questions, or even sales to you. But what if you do not attract customers to your website? In this article I will share 10 ways in many ways to attract traffic to your website or drag traffic to your website.

The importance of traffic

Traffic is both an important indicator in evaluating the quality of the website and the driving force behind the growth of your business model. So it can help you age:

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your marketing efforts.

  • Gather information about needs, interests, ... From there help you decide the direction for your website.

  • Increase the credibility of search engines with you, improve your SEO.

  • Add more search customers, get more customers.

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Increased access to the website

There are 1.24 billion web pages in the world so the competition rate is very high but you should remember that you do not try to attract all users on the internet. Your goal is to attract more people in the target audience to visit your site. Here I will show you some ways to make things easier.

Optimize Onpage

There are many ways to perform SEO on every page of your website to increase your search engine rankings. This includes building high quality content that customers are looking for. Writing a brief description for the content, hitting the psychological needs related to the topic will increase the user's click capabilities. This helps you increase traffic.

Appears in the charts

There are many websites specializing in evaluating website quality in a particular field. For example, the top 10 best seller websites, the top 10 fastest news sites, etc. Try to stick to these lists because most of them will lead directly to your website. And that means website traffic will increase significantly. Please use all the way to appear in these reviews, even if you have the last place is okay.

Post to social with hashtags

Now with the rapid growth of the internet, the social wave is following. The bigger the social networking site, build one or more social channels for your business model and build quality content posts on your website, plus hashtags to expand. micro with his users offline. This is extremely effective because there are so many social users at the present time and the first way that people think about every time they want to make traffic to their website.

Create LandingPages

You can build LandingPages that offer attractive offers such as coupons, redeem codes, free tutorials, or free trial starts ... the landing page is your website. The landing page always contains the content that your customers are looking for. Surely you will get non-small access. Try it if you have not done it yet.

SEO on long and easy keywords

It can be difficult if you are in a too much competitive field, think of concentrating longer and easier words, if you appear high in many easy categories, focus on one product Specific on the website will help your service or product is ranked high. That means accessing the website or specifically the product will be high, which will not only help you increase the access but also help your website to rank higher without focusing too much on the short and difficult keywords. .

Email Marketing

Submitting regular announcements and promoting offers via email is a great way to keep in touch with your customers and also help get traffic to your website. Provide useful information and links to pages on your website where they can learn more, such as through blog posts and landing pages. Just make sure you do not spam your readers email if you do not want your customers to ignore, delete, or unsubscribe from your email.

Also, think carefully about your email subject line. This may affect whether or not the user has opened your email. If your email was never opened, they could not deliver traffic to your site.


Advertising is probably the most basic way to attract more people to visit your site. Social media, paid search and display ads are all great channels for PPC advertising to increase your website traffic.

Guest Blog

Blogs are characterized by a lot of sharing and commentary because blogs are simply subject-focused and bloggers are interested in the topic of the blog. Be a content creator for blogs and in articles you must remember to have links to your site. Be sure to contribute the right content and the right links to the article to attract visitors and enhance your popularity offline.

Learn from your Analytics

Use your website tracking tools to determine which factors prevent you from getting many hits, which are good. Identify the relevant audience, interested in the field you are participating in, thereby defining new strategies, adjusting the old strategy to fit the new market. This will of course help you increase that traffic.

These are just a few of the many ways you can increase your website traffic. Please comment on the way you see the effect to study together offline!

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