What is a landing page? Landing page types and how to develop

By cuongbv.com Updated: 28 Sep, 2018

What is a landing page? that many people now use effectively to carry out advertising campaigns! Let TPTech help you find out this issue.

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Today, Landing pages are increasingly used universally. Variable in large advertising activity on the internet. If you notice that there are many different landing page types that are being used for different campaigns. With each product they will be tailored accordingly. Imagine that your website as a large supermarket and sure to have lots of entrance, next door is home page. Each line will help sell to a group of customers, such as the way to buy a camera, buy a computer, .. Landing pages are like different entrance of a supermarket.

Landing page is what? 19659005] LandingPage What is a Landing Page? is a single webpage (or target page), on this site will focus on the main content on a single page, so the reader pulls from the top down to be able to learn the whole web content. [19659009] Website Landing page is optimized for user-oriented, content-focused viewer. So on the web page landing page only show 1 topic or 1 article about the service or a certain product. Landing page is an important target audience, which helps increase the conversion rate from viewer to user.

The ability to focus on high- Landing page is now used by many people in the advertising campaign to bring the most effective.

The most popular landing page types are:

  1. Landing page do 1

  2. Pop-up is a window that opens when you visit the homepage of a website with the content of an ad, promotional message, or link. Link to different pages

  3. Microsite is a form website has only one page as the homepage always and no child pages with the main domain or domain

How to develop a landing page

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 How to play What is landing page?

Landing page was created for the sole purpose of focusing on the type of product or content to be targeted, so the page construction is quite simple. . And you should only choose 1 keyword for each page. If someone put ads on the home page, it would be a mistake, this is not effective conversion because users can not find the information they search on the search engine. Instead, focus on promoting your website by pointing to the Landing page . This will be a wise move because when you promote a landing page it will be more effective than promoting the homepage.

However, the construction of a landing page is quite simple, but how to optimize it to achieve high business performance is the problem. The requirements for landing page optimization.

  • The first is to build a website standard SEO, standard ADwords, mobile standards to be able to carry out advertising campaign optimization cost to all people can see through all modern equipment now

  • Set out specific product-service goals for the website sales.

  • Analyze the needs, and expectations of customers on arrival. With this web page.

  • Create an attractive title to attract customers to view page

  • Create content to satisfy the desired requirements of customers.

  • Outlined 1 Policy number is dark, the price is right, there are many incentives for the product.


What is the use of Landing page effective p you attract traffic to the website more. Moreover, Landing page will help to retain and navigate your customers more using your service, which in turn can increase the conversion rate of your customers better.

Through the article TPTech What is a Landing Page? right, hope you have built the page Landing page works well. [196590029]

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