10:47 Best Backlinks Monitoring Tool

Best Backlinks Monitoring Tool

By Anonymous Updated: 05 Oct, 2018

A great backlink building strategy will help a lot in the SEO performance of a website. Helping websites gain traffic, backlink dates are expected to be of high quality because search engines are very considerate when it comes to ranking of a website.

Make sure your website is a high quality site and backlink is an extremely important factor. If not properly monitored, the presence of bad links can ruin the SEO process or the reputation of your website, or Google will rank your site up with the black hat SEO plan. For the sake of security in SEO, we will provide some excellent backlink monitoring tools that will help you track backlinks pointing to your site and ensure everything goes according to the standard Backlink builder strategy.

Let's see


Aherf Tool

Ahrefs mainly provide tools to increase your search traffic and research your competitors while you track down your niche. Its backlink research tool is equipped with the world's largest direct backlinks index. The robot's service crawls 4 billion web pages every 24 hours. They also update this index every 15 minutes so everything is up to date.

To use the Ahrefs tool for your site, simply enter the URL of the site into the site explorer tool and you will see all the backlinks along with some useful SEO indexes such as quality of these links. This tool also provides some advanced reports and filters to provide you with additional information such as metrics to help you validate a quality site.

Majestic SEO

Majestic Tool
Majestic Tool

This service is very popular among online marketers as they have to take care of the link building aspect of their websites or their respective customer websites.

Its backlink history checker tool runs web robots to determine the number of backlinks for the domain, subdomain or URL given. If you are looking to compare up to 5 domains for their backlink performance, the tool will allow you to do so.

Provides specific time graphs for external links and referring domains along with analyzing the types of backlinks that run to your site, MajesticSEO is a viable link tool.

And this tool has created a browser add-on to make it more comfortable to use. In the Free version, you will only be analyzing the two major indexes, TW and CW.

PowerSuite SEO

SEO PowerSuite Tool
SEO PowerSuite Tool

Providing link analysis services in detail, SEO PowerSuite helps users find, track, analyze and compare all backlink data so they can perform effective link building for the site. their.

SpyGlass's SEO tool provides new link building opportunities for its subscribers with the help of over 50 backlink factors available to analyze the performance of these backlinks. It also provides various types of backlink reports that you can customize and share more.

The statement has the world's largest backlink index on the Web, this tool allows you to find and neutralize the harmful backlinks on your site with its Check Against Penalty Check. You can also run deep link quality analysis to ensure that your links work under Google algorithm changes.


Link Tool
Linkody Tool

This tool has helped users track their website links 24/7 by providing powerful link management services. It informs the user about the loss and gain of the link along with analyzing the link profile of the site with tons of metrics. This analysis helps website owners find valuable backlinks and links that are harmful to their site's position and traffic. It even helps you remove bad links by refusing them.

Tracking the backlink strategy of your competitors is as important as building a strategy for yourself, as is some blogging guidelines and site resource claims. Linkody provides you with detailed information on your competitors' link building strategies so you do not miss anything.

Linkody's main SEO tool is Checker Backlink which can be used to test five unique domains per week. It is available for a free 30 day trial.


Kerboo Tool
Kerboo Tool

Helping you better understand your Links profile, Kerboo uses a variety of data sources to give you an accurate view of the link performance at your site.

Although you encounter bad links on your site with the tool, you can create a disclaimer for Google knowing that these are certain links that no longer need to be reviewed according to the ranking factors above. your site too. (Disavow feature)

The Backlinks Checker feature of the tool identifies the strengths, weaknesses and risks in your affiliate profile and provides job completion services to their team.

Minitor Backlinks

Monitor Backlinks Tool
Monitor Backlinks Tool

Minitor Backlinks help you find the good and bad backlinks on your website and even track your link building strategies for your competitors.

This service tells you about high quality, relevant websites that you can contact to reach out to the community and build links. If one of your ad links or publishers has been removed from the site, the tool will notify you. Helping you avoid the black hat SEO penalties, this tool also provides bad link rejection features. (Disavow feature)

This service has an easy-to-use dashboard that will guide you through detailed information about your site's traffic, change backlinks, and rank your keywords. It also provides useful reports and customizable sample analysis on backlinks with its comprehensive filters.

The best thing about this tool: it aggregates metrics from the best data sources (like Majestic and Moz) in one place so you can effectively manage them with tags, filters, notes and imports. / useful output.


All the backlinks mentioned above have a reputation established in the online marketing community, SEO. Providing different versions to manage the linking profile of your website, these tools have been trying to work their way to improving the overall rank of the site and enhancing its SEO. webpage. Having quality links on your site is indispensable for its success as well as the fact that they help new visitors find your site. Some of the backlinks monitoring tools mentioned above will help you to ensure that is the case

However, all the above tools are only the third tool for reference and analysis. We should not depend too much on them.

Only the most accurate tool is Webmaster Tools created by Google itself.

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