10:47 Easy Blogging Tips To Top Google Search Engine

Easy Blogging Tips To Top Google Search Engine

By Anonymous Updated: 05 Oct, 2018

When you do Seo a blog, you must be very hard to know whether it should be Seo. Here are tips to help you optimize your search engine as well as easily transmit it to your readers. These tips are simple but are used by Seo experts.

So blogging what?. As a collection of articles also provide valuable content to attract visitors. Including individual and organization blogs can attract not only visitors but also potential customers or prospects.

Quality in advance of quantity

If you have learned about Seo, then you know the term "content is king". Why is content so important? As any product or service offered to the customer must be conveyed through the content. Content provides value that holds information for your customers to come to you. So your quality content must be quality to confirm why readers choose you.

Keep in mind that you are building your content and your site for users, not for search engines. When creating content, always keep in mind the 80/20 rule. 80% of your content should be useful and educational, while the remaining 20% ​​may be more relevant to promoting your product or company.

It is important that your content is informative, compelling and of high quality. Search users must be able to find what they are looking for. However, you are not only writing content for any user, you should write content for qualified users that matches the personality of your business buyer. Using a language similar to the buyer's language will lead to more chance of converting visitors into more leads, since the researchers visiting your site will understand that your offer is solutions for their research queries.

As mentioned above the article content is very important. Although quality is still the highest priority, quantity is equally important. You not only post well but also post regularly. So how do you post with the time? Just remember that it's extremely important to consistently publish your content so your blog or website is always linked to new content.

Your content is more recent and relevant, attracting more visitors and search engines. Frequency of content is important, but quality always dominates the quantity. Do not try to write a date if you know that your content will not reach its potential. Instead, consider writing three articles a week.

Keywords are essential

Another reason why content is important. Your content contains keywords that you want your business to find. As a business, you want your company website to be placed in the top position. Think about what your customers are looking for when you want them to visit your website or blog. These keywords are the keywords that you want to rank. When writing your content, you should create a list of keywords that you can enter into tools like Google Keyword Planner (with active account) to test and ensure they are the best selling keyword related. to you.

Content links for your posts

Although the quality of content is a top priority, it is also very important to keep your site well. The great content of your website will not matter if the structure of the website makes it unreadable. The same thing happens with navigation which will make your articles accessible as quickly and easily as possible. Using simple menus and links will not diminish the ability of your readers to find your content on the site. Do not bother with internal links to your articles, when it comes to internal links within your site, put the links so natural and relevant to find what they are looking for, The more satisfied they are with their experience. The combination of great content and the organization (website structure) / navigation of the site brings the user experience.

The URL is concise and compelling

A good URL structure includes a domain name related to the brand. The category is short and contains keywords if possible. If the URL has multiple keywords because of the content of the page, these keywords must be separated by dashes. Although domain extensions are necessary, they can also be optimized for your business type.

Take advantage of the meta tags, title in the article

The meta tags, or just tags or tags, are HTML attributes in between in code pages. The two tags that you really need to know now are (1) the meta title tag (2) the meta description tag.

(1) The title tag is not really a meta tag. By definition, a meta tag is an optional page description. Although the title tag is a required page element. It appears most often at the top of your browser window, in tabs of the browser window, and in the header in the Google results page. Title tags should be short, concise and descriptive. It accurately describes the content of the page so that the researchers are satisfied when they click the link to their query. Inserting relevant keywords into text can also help search engines better understand your site. The general rule is that the text should not exceed 70 characters or 512 pixels. Even if you exceed this rule, the content of the tag will still be considered by Google. Be careful not to dilute your title tags with too much content.

(2) Meta description tags are important for ranking in search engines and they are very important for the user to click from the SERPs. Meta descriptions will help your site attract the most visitors by providing compelling insights into your site. The description will help the visitor to determine if your content is worth once. These include short paragraphs, 150 to 160 characters long. Like the title tag, it's important to be meta-interesting, accurate and unique.

Should leave photos or symbols

If you add a photo or an icon, readers will be more interested in reading the content. Also beautiful with search engine. However, you should add ALT tags to replace the image when the image can not be displayed. Depending on the image type and context of the article, the length of the text may change. It can be used as an additional way to let Google know the subject of your page. Substitute text is used to naturally refer to your image in search results, even if the user is not looking for your content.

Depending on the image type and context of the article, the length of the text may change. It can be used as an additional way to let Google know the subject of your page. Substitute text is used to naturally refer to your image in search results, even if the user is not looking for your content.

The power of social networking

Social sharing not only involves the use of social networks, but also receives backlinks from other websites and blogs. In order to receive backlinks and improve your network linking, you must engage in active outbound links to other sites and sources. For them to create a backlink to your blog. If you want other sources to link to you, you must also set up an active link with them. Internal and external links are not so much about improving your rankings as they allow users to discover your content elsewhere on the web. Increase your overall visibility for search engines.

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