10:47 How to remove the special characters on the WordPress path

How to remove the special characters on the WordPress path

By Anonymous Updated: 05 Oct, 2018

By default, WordPress automatically removes special characters from the path and makes paths more friendly, but there are many special characters. List the characters or the facebook icon It will not automatically delete but still on the path always.

Special characters on the path

You may see special characters added to the path

Here, many people may say that, the chicken, WordPress edit the path (edit permalink) under the title, click on delete the special character.

Fix the path in WordPress

You're right, but if you have a website that is a classified website, a site for many users and they are not familiar with WordPress, they do not care about these things, they do not know SEO, they do not know. What the hell is a url, they simply want to post a product, or sell a service, what do you think? Now you need a plugin to automatically remove the symbols or special characters from the url correctly

Plugin removes special characters, emoticons from the url

I work in the company and encounter the problem mentioned above, employees are many and they post on the website is not like anyone else, coppy often copied a bunch of emoticons tossed on the head always and do not care anymore hit public.

Users say that they sit and edit the url and I have to find solutions rather than catching people like this, like I should find the plugin. The plugin is not always available, I try to poke in the core WP is resolved but the long-term is not OK, if WP update to the new version has to fix it again (not okay - that has to fix a website Where are some dozen?)

I did not have enough to code a plugin to solve this problem should ask a brother in Brazil, he is very enthusiastic and code quickly out the plugin and send it via email

Plugin deletes special characters on the URL

And of course he also uploaded the plugin Remove Special Characters From Permalinks go to the wp.org plugin store (you can see it) here), if you have problems like you can install this plugin is finished, do not forget to plug his 5 star

Remove Special Characters From Permalinks

Remove Special Characters From Permalinks

Plugin Remove Special Characters From Permalinks

The result of the plugin

Results for Remove Special Characters From Permalinks

Good luck!