10:47 How to use Microsoft Whiteboard Windows 10

How to use Microsoft Whiteboard Windows 10

By Anonymous Updated: 05 Oct, 2018

30 The Microsoft Whiteboard application was introduced to users in May 2017 but at that time only supported on Surface Pro. Currently, Windows 10 users can easily download the Microsoft Whiteboard application to the machine to use. The drawing application on this computer is integrated with many other features such as drawing, annotation, sketching or cloud storage. The following is the guide article of Congnghe3s.com about How to use Microsoft Whiteboard Windows 10 in detail.

How to paint on Windows 10 with Microsoft Whiteboard

Step 1:

You download the Microsoft Whiteboard application under the link below to the computer and proceed with the installation. You must sign in to your Windows or Office365 account to use the application.

  • https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/microsoft-whiteboard/9mspc6mp8fm4#

Step 2:

To proceed to creating completely new whitelist, you choose Create New Whiteboard.


Step 3:

Microsoft Whiteboard application provides the main tools for users such as insert images, draw, insert notes, Undo button, redo, add button drawing list.


You can also add some brushes in the drawing tool in different colors.


Step 4:

You can add some other options by clicking the plus icon:

  • Clipboard: You can enter content in the Clipboard.

  • Image: You can add PNG, GIF, BMP and JPG images to the Whiteboard content from your computer.

  • Text note: You can add notes to the application.

  • Camera: You can add Whiteboard content and take screenshots.

  • Bing image: You can search for images directly on Bing.


Step 5:

The whiteboard interface appears, you select the icon pinion to display a custom list and to enable / disable features used on the app.


You can make ideas, write notes, create computer drawings or sketches with Microsoft Whiteboard easily. In addition, Whiteboard also supports Bing search to insert content when needed extremely useful.

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