10:47 New domain renewal on Namesilo

New domain renewal on Namesilo

By Anonymous Updated: 05 Oct, 2018

Namesilo is a good and reputable domain provider nowadays, i have a share write about How to buy domain names on Namesilo Details and this article will guide how to extend the domain on Namesilo

1. If you are nearing the expiry date (before the 7-day deadline, Namesilo will email you to let you know and renew it).

Message as shown below, you should extend early to avoid trouble later.

domain renewal

2. To renew your domain name, log in to Namesilo here

3. After login to the administrator, you click Domain Manager

consider this

4. Then select the domain name you want to renew and click Renew Domain


Step 5: Set all years to :), enter Coupon or Promotion Code if available and press CONTINUE.

The family is namedilo

6. Here you choose the form of payment as when buying a domain name only

New domain renewal on Namesilo

I usually pay with Paypal should tick tick Paypal, then this page will automatically go to the Paypal page to you to login and confirm payment

New domain renewal on Namesilo

After the payment is completed it will automatically transfer to https://www.namesilo.com/account_home.php

Please check email to see successful domain renewal notice as shown below

The family has a bar

The domain name extension is simple but nothing complicated, if you are new acquainted with the purchase or extension of the domain name can be a little difficult and if the problem is difficult then can inbox themselves fb or comment below you will reply in an instant.

I regularly online every so often check mail as well as comments should help you as soon as possible.

How to cancel auto-renew on Namesilo

Many inbox you ask yourself how to cancel the auto renewal so I update to always let you do not know what you can do offline.

To cancel the auto renew you log on to the domain administrator (Manage My Domains)

Cancel auto-renewal on namesilo

Then you will see Auto-Renewal: Yes it will automatically renew.

Now click on Change and turn it into No

Automatic renewal on Namesilo

So you've canceled the auto-renewal feature. Good luck!