10:47 Surf the Web safely with the Tor Browser 8.0

Surf the Web safely with the Tor Browser 8.0

By Anonymous Updated: 05 Oct, 2018

Tor is a web browser that allows users Anonymous Internet access By routing data through a network of thousands of relay servers run by volunteers, it makes it hard for government, business, or anyone else to track individual users.

Present Tor Browser 8.0 stable version is based on the Firefox 60 ESR is currently released and is available from the Tor Browser Project


Tor Browsers 8.0

New feature of Tor Browser version 8.0

The Tor browser offers a number of new features such as a friendly Firefox friendly baseball (Firefox) friendly user interface (UX) design, multiple languages ​​support, faster routing support, OpenSSL updates, and more. Other components include the browser plugin NoScript and HTTPS Everywhere.

1. Improved welcome screen

Improved welcome screen on Tor 8.0

2. Improve Bridge Fetching.

You can open the Tor Network settings at any time to adjust your settings when you're in a country where the Tor browser is blocked, making it easier to connect to the Internet by decrypting the authentication image. to get bridge IP.

Image validation in Tor Browser

3. Added language support

Tor Browser 8.0 adds Catalan, Irish, Indonesian, Icelandic, Norwegian, Danish, Hebrew, Swedish, and Traditional Chinese.

4. Improved browsing speed, security of user information

Tor Browser 8.0 It offers many improvements to better user experience (UX) and improved security. With the Tor Browser Bundle, you can surf the web without worrying about the hidden people watching your every activity to steal your personal information, account.

Even more so, the Tor Browser Bundle comes with a portable version so you can copy it to a USB drive and carry it anywhere

Vidalia Bundle is a tool to support Tor browser access in private (anonymous). The advantage of the Vidalia Bundle is that it provides plenty of rich control features to better manage the anonymous connections.

It's not a problem with the Tor Browser Bundle that blocks your computer's IP address or your network from blocking access. This web browser will automatically change the IP address for you, so any web site you can access is easy.

Tor Browser Bundle is a web browser that gives users a completely new experience that is less common on other browsers. Especially designed to be so compact that it does not take time to install and use easily.

You can download the Tor Browser 8.0 here

Besides surfing the web anonymously on your computer, you can install Tor for Android here (Orbot Proxy via Tor)

Some pictures of Tor anonymous web browser

Web browser tor

Surf anonymously with the Tor browser

Surf anonymously with the Tor browser