10:47 Trends Of SEO In 2019

Trends Of SEO In 2019

By Anonymous Updated: 05 Oct, 2018

Does your current SEO strategy and process work?
Was it better than last year?
If you want to improve the results then how to?

By the end of a tough and challenging year, we need to look at the results analysis report and the ability to accomplish the goal set for proper adjustment. Before starting a new plan for SEO strategy, you must grasp the trends that seo are aiming to achieve the best results.

If you want to revive and master your position in the market, do not miss the information below. Because they are drawn from big companies, they succeed, you can do it more than that.

Page Load Speed:

In the chaos of life, everyone likes something that works fast, right away. For example, fast food service, quick delivery is also one of the results arise according to the needs of consumers. Then there is no reason for the desire to access information as quickly as possible of the visitor.

Waiting too long to click on a certain site to get the information you want to know makes people quite frustrated. And many surveys show that if your page loads too long after 5 seconds, then the user tends to leave the page and navigate to another site.

No one likes to wait. Your website is slow due to many reasons. Find out and fix them fast. Because slow website speeds slow down user traffic. User-friendly features are also dependent on this factor.

So how fast is the page loading rate going to be satisfactory? A good website usually has a download speed of three seconds or less. To know about the current speed of the website, you can use Google tools to evaluate such as: Pagespeed Insights, ...

Speed ​​is essential for many years. However, in 2018 we need to put more weight as it is increasingly concerned and shown importance.

Enhanced voice search access:

The convenience, the speed of self-seeking information they say but not the time spent typing make many people favorite. Fast, accurate and detailed, making data queries in this form tends to increase rapidly.

Taking advantage of these advantages, you should improve or add simple keywords or phrases that most users use. This helps to reach them more diverse.

New trend of seo
New trend of seo

Smartphone will be increasingly important:

Many studies show that users tend to open up web browsers on smart phones much higher than desktop computers. Because of the convenience of the phone, as well as the compact mobility, it gives them access to the information they want anywhere. Therefore, smart phones increasingly demonstrate the ability of its dominance that businesses need to pay attention to.

As before, being able to display mobile web presence is just an optional element. Now, it is mandatory and is the user's search request. And the impact on your website ranking is also due to this friendliness on mobile devices.

This may not be new to you. However, the birth of every year of electronic devices and its improvement in voice search, you will probably have to pay more attention to it.

Link Building System Backlinks:

A successful website when having a strong and robust backlink infrastructure. Backlinks have been one of the most important factors in not being able to seo over the years. Therefore, the abuse of links from another source to increase the website term led to Google Penguin algorithm in 2012.

Your website will be ranked and ranked higher if the links to the website originate from reputable and quality websites. The change in search engine rankings is no longer about how many or how many backlinks it requires.

What we need is a long-term strategy for building a solid base for your backlink. Also do not pay too much attention to this element but overlook the other elements because backlink is not the only factor to bring success.

Increased page relevance:

Google always responds to the user's search needs, in addition to providing the site that users need, it also suggests you to the site containing the relevant information. This may sound weird, but it is the fact that they are correlated suggestions that can be closely matched to the purpose of the user's search.

For this reason, Google will evaluate and analyze how relevant your content is on the website. It has the ability to measure similarities of words and features. So the problem is how can we complete the content to be most relevant?

What you can do now is probably to study the top competitors in the field. We consider the similarity of their web content. Doing this can be quite time-consuming and costly for you in the long run. Search by term or phrase is one of the causes. You can use the trial test tools to speed up the process.

Optimizing seo strategy in 2019:

Seo is a constantly changing industry and does not follow any formula rule. In 2019, Google will consistently evaluate based on the factors that make up the website rankings. The best user experience, high page relevance, stable and stable backlinks, ... All of them must be monitored, analyzed and evaluated on a daily basis.

You have to spend a considerable amount of time, manpower to be able to update and catch up the trend. At the same time take care of them day by day, let Seo resonant help you. Our SEO specialists understand and implement the process of tracking your website campaign in the best way. Please leave your information, we will contact you as soon as possible. Have a nice day!

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