10:47 WP Cerber - Protect your website from spammers, malware and hackers

WP Cerber - Protect your website from spammers, malware and hackers

By Anonymous Updated: 05 Oct, 2018

WP Cerber is a pretty plug-in or I've used in the past, security plugin This full name is WP Cerber Security, Antispam & Malware Scan | Make sure the name for the SEO brand name is offline WP Cerber is ok to spend so long: v

The function of this plugin is quite nice and light but not as heavy as other plugins such as: Change login path to admin, block comment or spam form, block redirects intended to wp-login.php, logon information, block XML-RPC ...

At the time of this writing WP Cerber has version 7.6 and is rated very positively that you can see the image below or see the visual here

Full 5 stars

Install and use WP Cerber Security, Antispam & Malware Scan

You can search for WP Cerber's name in the plugin administration section and install them easily (this is probably not the tutorial you need).

Install WP Cerber Security, Antispam & Malware Scan

After installation you will see the option as shown above, you can explore this plugin by clicking the message and the items below (This plugin is not Vietnamese, so some show the west - ta very flipped)

Message Boards

The bounce gives you an overview of the login information to the website, list spam comments ...

Now you should pay attention to the main setting to take advantage of the plugin to protect your website

The functionality in this section is quite a lot so I just mention some of the main functions that you should be interested in

Non-existent users: This is a very cool function that other plugins do not have, that is, it compares the user's login with the name in the database, if that login does not exist in the database then it Block block (very good to block attacks Brute-force attack)

Custom login URLThe url change feature is mostly available in other plugins, but you should change your login url to block the Brute-force attack and it will be a prerequisite for choosing other features such as Request wp-login. .php, Request wp-login.php, Disable dashboard redirection

And there are some other features that you can choose or not depending on your website, after selecting you click Save to save settings.

Install the cerber security plugin

On the Access List tab, you have the option to add whitelisted IPs or blocked IPs to your website

On the Hardening tab you can customize as shown below

Install WordPress Hardening

Next to the Traffic Inspector tab will list logs that track user logins or requests to the server

Next is Site Integrity Is there a way to display the malware scanner, source code, or trusted plugin information, especially if it compares the Checksum mismatch code on your serrver versus the original code from the code? Open source (original) try to make any difference, if there is a difference it will notify you, it also track the code on your website, if there is a change it will email the message immediately. tell you

The setting you can customize the settings to suit you, you can refer to the following

Install Cerber Securiry plugin

Next to the comment spam block, or form

Antispam and bot detection

So you have basically installed the plugin WP Cerber Security, Antispam & Malware Scan then. Once installed, you can export the installation file so that if you install other sites, you just need to import is complete


Also you can view system information in the tab DiagnosticEspecially in this tab you can delete the logs that WP Cerber plugin saved (much smarter than the plugin Itheme Security Pro)

View system information, fix db errors and delete logs

Okay, so we have explored the most basic features of this plugin, you can customize to fit your website. Use the bitninja.io API to protect yourself against threats.

With the free version, it's almost perfect to protect your website from spammers, malware and hackers. If you can afford to upgrade to a PRO package, you can use the scheduled malware scanner.

If you have any problems with the configuration, you can comment to the support team.